Saturday morning June 28

28 Jun

You never know what duties you will have as a campground owner. My friend Mitzi is our dog walker for campers who need it. Soo…she just came in and said “do you have any paper towels?” Apparently one of the dogs had an issue and needed some cleaning up and it’s brother decided he needed to check out this issue and had doo all over it’s face and ears, etc. So anyway, I just came back from helping with the problem.
It’s a beautiful morning. It has been getting warm in the afternoon but the nights and mornings are cool. Unfortunately it is very dry and mosquitos!!! Yikes.
We are having our first campground gathering tonight. An appetizer party in the courtyard. Denny is out spraying the gravel so hopefully we won’t get all chewed up.
Saw the movie “Fault in the Stars”. I hate movies that make dying of cancer look cute. There’s nothing cute/romantic/ etc. about that.
Tip: Don’t eat Jujubes and then put your mouthguard in for the night. #1 Makes it difficult to remove it in the morning. #2 Difficult to get the Jujube off the mouthguard.
Have finished my 4th week of Zumba!! Really like that exercise and I know it’s a great weight bearing exercise.
We are hooked on “Longmire”. Modern day western type mystery. From a book series. We ordered the Season 1 and watch an episode each night. Now we have Mary hooked on it too.
Just about finished with our 2nd month of the season. Wow. It has been great. Just a few more seasonals to come in on the first.
We also just purchased 2 trike bicycles which should be fun for campers to ride to town on. First, we’ll get a couple of helmets.
Okay, time to get to work.


2 Responses to “Saturday morning June 28”

  1. Judy Morton 06/28/2014 at 1:10 pm #

    Hey, J & Denny. Gee I miss you. The Washburn’s are great, but they’re not you. It’s a stormy day here. Right now, just dark clouds, but rain later. Some could get severe.
    I’m working on sermon prep for tomorrow. Found a new besst friend who can help with picking hymns! YES!
    Had to have major tree surgery done this week. The wind broke 2 giant limbs from the Mimmosa in my front yeard. There’s actually day light out there now. Also had the elm in the back cut way back. I can even see the top of the hill in the pasture.
    \Hope to see you soon.


  2. duartlingo 06/29/2014 at 7:44 pm #

    doo doo, mosquitos, jujubes, zumba, Longmire, trikes and helmets. I’m so jealous 😜

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