Help has arrived

19 Jun

Mary has finally arrived to be my assistant again this year. PTL I already feel a sense of calm spreading over me. I can’t tell you how many phone calls it took to figure out what day she would arrive. First it was the 17th, then the 22nd, then 17th, then the 22nd and finally last Sunday we said come the 17th. As it was getting toward her departure time I asked her if she had checked on her flight info because we were having strong winds. She found out her flight was going to come into Denver at 1:30 am instead of midnight!! Yikes. She called the airline and rescheduled for Wednesday morning and finally she made it here. She is going to take phone calls and do reservations most of the time so I can concentrate on sewing and embroidering. I already have 3 sweatshirts done today. We were very busy today with phone calls, drop ins and a group arriving. Denny and I did sneak off for 9 holes with friends that are here for 2 days. We met them in Llano this winter and they are on their way to South Fork. Denny and Dale finished switching the way the bathroom doors swing into the toilet stalls. If you were the least bit overweight or handicapped you could barely squeeze in. Those doors have been that since the 80’s so I’m sure people will be happier.
We cooked out tonight and it was a beautiful day. We seriously need some rain soon which may happen next week.
Last night we went to see Always Patsy at our local theater. It was fabulous. I was ironing Denny a pair of shorts he was going to wear and accidently sprayed glue instead of starch on his shorts. Whoops. Today I was again made a phone call to someone who I had just talked to. Jeeeeez. I think owning an rv park causes brain damage. I shall concentrate on staying fooooocussssssed.
All the dogs were groomed today and they are beautiful. Especially Buddy. She brushed him out good and now he is a clean big fluffy dog.
Mitzi and I finished our 3rd week of Zumba. I’m finally getting the steps down.
Below are a couple of photos. One is of my very cute Mom on her newly recovered divan. She wanted a lighter color to brighten up her room. She continues to flourish and it so wonderful. The other photo is of our reservation cards from last weekend. It’s exciting having our full weekends. The 3rd one is of our granddaughter Elliott at her first dentist appointment. I think she handled it better that I did. I can’t wait until all the kids come out this summer. Cade turned 11 a couple of weeks ago and I sent him a card and some money in the mail. It never got there so I sent another card with a check in it this time. Well, today the first card was returned because I had totally put the wrong address on it. Good grief.
Mitzi and I made a trip to the Springs on Monday. We left at 6:30 am so I could be at the dentist by 9. Then we made our first ever venture in a Costco. What a great store. Lots of nice gluten free items for good prices. It will be about a every 3 months trek to shop there since it is a little far, but we’ll definitely use it as a stock up place. We have so much fun on our little trips. We are both way busy and we get to spend time together it is really great.
That’s it for now. Time to change the embroider thread and put some ice in a bag. The ice continues to be a big hit as does my mission quilt. Today I actually got an order to make the camping quilt for someone. I’ll need to order the fabric and I should be able to finish it by the end of August.
Out cabin is working out great for our 90 year old gentleman. He is a WW II vet and was at Omaha Beach. What stories he must have.

mom couch

res cards

ellie entist

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