Saturday morning at Circle the Wagons

14 Jun

This is my busy week that I have struggled about with 4 groups in the park during 1 week. It has been a great week and the park is full right now. That is 41 sites!!! We are very happy with our season so far. Twice as much as last year already. But of course last year at this time was when Colorado was burning up and our fire started the 14th I believe.
Jumper woke me up puking on the bed, so the bedspreads and sheets are being washed. One of the groups is having a breakfast so we have their casseroles in our oven. Denny has cleaned the bathrooms and started coffee for the groups. And it is only 7:45. I need to shorten some curtains for the living room windows in our now remodeled cabin. At first I thought this cabin was just something that someone slapped together but it is actually the first house that was on the block way back in the late 1800’s, soooooo now I like it a lot. Our renter comes in on Monday and will be here until the end of September. Denny and Dale have been quite the Martha Stewarts of decorating and they have done a wonderful job. The place was in shambles when the project started. Mitzi, Ginny and I started the painting process a few weeks ago. Mitzi also cleaned the refrigerator and oven for us. Then Dale and Denny took over. Aren’t we lucky with the friends we have!!! Here are some photos. The place was full of smoke odor from the previous renters. We painted Kilz on every wall and then painted the other paint. All the floors need carpeted and Denny also put down laminate in the den. Light fixtures, new plumbing, plus furnishing all of the supplies that are needed like kitchenware, bathroom supplies, etc. One of the Dick’s friends, that is his name, came down and added little decorative items to make it feel homey. Dick is 90 years old, has a little dog, plays golf 5 days a week. Sounds pretty cool to me.
living roomdenbathroombedroom
The rest of the day will be sewing, house cleaning, getting Mary’s bathroom and bedroom ready for her. She is coming Tuesday, PTL, I am ready for an assistant for a few weeks. I shouldn’t have many coming in since everyone is here for the night and then the park will clear out on Monday. The winds are going to howl all day. That makes everyone anxious because the campers worry about their canopies and awnings which sometimes tear when it is big winds.
I have stuck to my Zumba twice week. I have discovered I can’t do a lot of the arms over the head part since it really stiffens my neck but other than that I think it is a good exercise to move these stiff old muscles. I am getting a massage tomorrow from my favorite masseuse.
Last night when I was making my deposit I couldn’t understand how I could be so short in my cash drawer when I hadn’t absconded with any funds. Later in the evening I went to my car and discovered that I had the $100 in my car after I went to the bank for change. DUH. I’m still struggling with seeing my reservation graph. My eyes don’t want to align correctly and I continue to reserve people coming in a day earlier but so far it hasn’t caused too much trouble until last night until one of my seasonals came in and I had someone in their spot. Luckily they are great people and were understanding because they know how I am from last year.
Our house sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The papers were signed yesterday and we are done owning in other property other than the park. What a relief and it sounds like a really nice couple who bought it.
That’s it for now. The people will be coming in for their casseroles.
Oh, my fundraiser for my quilt is going great. $200 so far. By August I’ll have a few hundred dollars I hope.


2 Responses to “Saturday morning at Circle the Wagons”

  1. jemknoll 06/14/2014 at 12:29 pm #

    Cabin looks GREAT – awesome transformation!!!

  2. Judy Morton 06/14/2014 at 4:11 pm #

    Jay & Denny:
    I met my new neighbors last evening. They are a super couple with two older children and an 11 year old boy. I gave Susan the grand tour of beautiful downtown Eskridge this morning. Went to the Library and the Market. She loves it! They carry her kind of beer. She and youngest son, William, also got library cards and checked out books. It looks like they are willing to let me use the RV-port. Yeah!
    Also this is not the couple I was thinking about. They have a really sweet small furry dog named Violet. Buddy’s in love!
    I couldn’t be happier and I still get to see you two on trips through Colorado.
    Later – high to Dale.

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