What a day is like working at Circle the Wagons

6 Jun

Today I was up at 6:30 am to go to Zumba at 7 am. You know I am not an early morning person so this isn’t an easy thing for me to do. Back home by 8. First phone call of the day for a reservation. Head to bathroom at 8:30 to clean up and get dressed for the day. I am washing my face and I here the office doorbell ring. I’m still wiping my face as I walk to office and I’m still in my workout clothes. I end up talking to customer for 30 minutes and miss 2 phone calls. She leaves and I call back my calls and make 2 more reservations. Denny and Dale are working on the cabin and curtains that I am making are requested. I go back to bathroom and finish getting dressed, etc. 9:30 am I decide I better eat something. Denny and Dale are now moving recliners out of the house to take to the cabin, which by the way is looking great. I finish eating and clean up kitchen and start dishwasher. I now have 3 dogs in the house which I send outside. Judy comes in for a visit and to put some of her things in the house because she is leaving for an extended trip. I help her move some things in. I begin to cut fabric for curtains and walk over to cabin to see if length and width is right. I come back and cut second panel and realize I cut it wrong and I now don’t have enough fabric for the big living room window. No problem, I will buy the big curtains and make the little curtains. I am working on them when I realize that I need to call the phone company to order another router. I find out that the previous cabin tenants haven’t shut off the service and owe money and we can’t get anything done until they hear from him. I contact him and he will call the phone company. Back to curtains. I have another phone call informing me that a couple has cancelled their summer 3 month stay. Disappointed because I had another couple unable to come and had I known about these cancellations at the same time I would have been able to feel the spots with 2 other couples who want to be here. Oh well, I need some spaces anyway. 1 pm I head to town for mail and some flowers. Back home and I put flowers in pots and then enter 2 customers into the computer who came in while I was gone. It is now around 2:30 and I finish one pair of curtains and then prepare some material for my friend Mitzi to cut for me because I have to make several bowl holders before Sunday. My shop is about empty of placemats and bowl holders. Mitzi arrives at 4 and she cuts and I sew another set of curtains plus take 2 more reservations. Another lady comes in and I end up visiting for about 20 minutes with her before I can get back to sewing. By 5:30 I’m done with curtains and Mitzi and I head over to cabin with curtains and we run into the Schwans truck. I get us a box of ice cream nuggets. Then a friend has arrived to give Mitzi and I a sales pitch for Maleuca products. That takes an hour and then at 7 Mitzi and I join Dale, Denny, and Don for dinner outside on the patio. I try to get Billie to come some weekend to put up our tarp over the patio. It doesn’t look like that can happen and it is a hard job because you have to have your arms up and that is hard for us at our age. After everyone leaves I watch a little tv and feel guilty that I’m not sewing. I do manage to find some curtains online and order them for the cabin. Hopefully they arrive before the tenant does on June 16. I am little worried about the tenant because I’m wondering if the cabin is where he really wants to be for the summer. I will take photos in the morning and email them to him and hopefully he’ll feel better about the place.
I have been taking my full dose of antidepressants and feel pretty good but I would like to have some manic energy so I would get a lot done, but, I also don’t want to be all wound up because I have a crazy week ahead with 4 groups coming into the park in a span of 5 days. I think I will get everything done and maybe tomorrow will be a quiet phone day. It’s the interruptions that get me off track and it seems to take me an hour to get back on track.
Sooooo, tomorrow it’s back to the sewing machine for one valance and café curtain then on to the placemats. We do get a treat tomorrow because our friend Judy is taking us out to eat to Aly’s which is a fabulous place to eat. \
A camper came in the office yesterday and wanted to know who the people were on our website. I said “That’s Denny and I”. She said “No way, they are much older than you two!!” She thought we looked younger which was a nice compliment I think??
That’s it for today. Need to update my website and then update a FB post and my advertising is done for the week.

3 Responses to “What a day is like working at Circle the Wagons”

  1. Carl 06/06/2014 at 4:33 am #

    Whew, you wear me out and I’m 700 miles away!!

  2. margie costello 06/06/2014 at 6:45 am #

    The good thing is you love what you do and there’s no way you’ll ever be bored! I love your blog!

  3. Dulany Lingo 06/08/2014 at 12:23 pm #

    It may not have been on Friday the 6th, but it could have been. YOU coming by to help ME with a chore and brightening my day. We also get to watch the ‘bird cam’ which has been showing 4 bright blue robin eggs that are almost ready to leave the nest now. They always seem to want food and are flapping their wings in practice to fly. 😍

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