That’s it, buy me a 12 pack of Pepsi

19 May

What a busy time for us this last week. Lots and lots of phone calls. Full for Memorial Day.
Had a weird thing happen the last 2 nights. I rolled over in bed and the room went totally upside down and spun around. I kept my eyes closed until it passed. Woke up with a migraine and took a migraine pill and felt okay rest of the day. Ginny and I began painting Baby Camper and spent several hours doing that. Then last night, once again I rolled over and the house went upside down. Took a few minutes for it to stop and then have felt like crap all day. Went to the doctor and she said some bones in my ears were loose. She did a little maneuvering with my head and said that should fix it, but I was still woozy tonight so took an airsick pill. Yech. Also have fluid in my left ear. Anyway after spending an hour and a half in the dentist chair and choking on the plaster for an imprint for a mouth guard, and having several voicemails for reservations, and a rude email from a group that I have been working with and then one of my customers got mad at something I said so I’ve given him a refund for a week’s stay!!!! Sooooooooo by the time I got home I asked Denny to get me a 12 pack of Pepsi, I’ve had it. The woozies have gone a way for the evening. Tomorrow is a new day and I am a “business woman” as my friend Ginny says. I need to toughen up and deal with people issues and not get down. There is so much going on and so many reservations it is craziness. Thankfully Dale is still here and Mary will be here on June 22. My goal is to make it through the first 2 weeks of June and then I’ll be out of a chaotic mess I put myself in.
Okay, enough venting. Take a breath. Take a breath. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Think about others who are going through some very hard times. Dealing with some grouchy people is nothing compared to waiting to hear results of a test to see if you have cancer, recovering from pancreatic cancer, having a son in the hospital with 3rd degree burns over 35% of his body or losing a father in a traffic accident.
The good part of the day was seeing our friend Mike in the Springs who is also our dentist. Purchasing a special foot for my sewing machine which will my make placemat projects go faster. I finished my campground quilt last night so will hang it in the shop tomorrow. The fundraiser for it will start next weekend.
Beautiful weather the next 2 days so will finish painting the Baby camper tomorrow. I’ll post photo tomorrow because it is so colorful.


One Response to “That’s it, buy me a 12 pack of Pepsi”

  1. Carl 05/20/2014 at 2:51 am #

    OMG girl! You are wound like an eight day clock! If Pepsi quiets the storm, I say go for it! Life can be pretty overwhelming sometimes and I cannot imagine adding the factor of people issues in business. Knowing you, you will adjust and come out the other end just fine. You are amazingly resilient! Wish I was there to smoke you some ribs! Maybe even lamb! LOL

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