15 May

I bought this green panama hat at the Market. Love it. Riding in a vintage 1955 Plymouth taxi. Cuba is known for it’s vintage cars.

One day at lunch, a lady who was sitting next to me asked me if I had a growth on my neck. I said “I don’t think so”. When I put my hand on my neck I discovered there was a black bean stuck to it!

One morning I was getting on the tour bus and the lady behind me tapped me on my shoulder and said “I think you have your dress on inside out”. I looked down and sure enough I was inside out. Had to change in the bus bathroom.

One morning Nancy told me I had something on my face. She thought I had grown a wart overnight. I thought she wiped it away so I didn’t think about it anymore. A couple of hours later I touched my face and there was this little ball of something. (thankfully it wasn’t a booger). It was so hot in Cuba that the tape I use to hold my hair was melting and I had these little balls of glue rolling down from my head onto my face!!

You know I love Island Flora.

close up stalk red flower

bird of paradis

pick orchid close

orchids in air

yelo orchids

That’s it for now. Tomorrow it’s back to blogging about “Year #2 about owning an RV Park”.


One Response to “Tidbits”

  1. Carl 05/15/2014 at 6:38 am #

    J, your posts literally crack me up!! You are so brutally honest and you just put life out there as is! That makes it fun to be around you and puts people at ease when dealing with such an exuberant, life loving person. It sounds like your Cuba visit was a great life experience. Konnie and I can’t wait to get together with you guys and “circle the wagons”!

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