Early early morning post

15 May

One of those middle of the night blogs. I woke up thinking about something careless I did today and also stupid, so stupid I don’t even want to say what I did, but it has to do with one of the Iowa Beef trucks that come by homes telling you they want to get rid of inventory, etc. etc. and bottom line is this time I fell for it. I will deal with in the morning. What is bugging me is how the did the credit card. I’ll make a phone call in the morning to make sure it is on the up and up and go from there. There is no suspicious activity on the card as of now, but still want to check on the company. Weak moment on my part.
So, I said I would write a little about Cuba and post some pictures. Had dinner with Mitzi, Nancy and Ginny tonight and we talked about the trip again and Nancy also showed us her photographs. What a fabulous job she did catching the people, the old cars, buildings, and other sights of the trip.
close up peacock
I love love love this photo of a peacock. He was prancing around the hotel grounds one afternoon.

holocaust memorial
The holocaust memorial at the Jewish cemetery. If you notice the rocks on the tomb, it’s a tradition to lay a rock on the tombs to let the person who passed away know you are thinking of them.

jewish group
Here’s the group we traveled with.

yellow saint
We visited the Afro Cuban museum and they put on a demonstration about their “orishas” which are the saints of the Santeria’ religion. It is similar to the Catholic religion with an African background. This “orisha” is the Goddess of Love.

Band at hemingways bar
We had lunch at one of the restaurants that Hemingway frequented. This was the band that played there. Everywhere we went for lunch there was a band that played. They would pass the hat and sell CD’s. Some of them were very good.

DSCN0542 This is the Orthodox synagogue we visited. It is located in a very poor area of Havana. I enjoyed listening to the Rabbi. I also enjoyed learning so much about the Jewish religion and their customs. I had several conversations with Jewish members of the group.

outside of room
Here is the view from outside our room at the Hotel Nacional. It is a state owned hotel with a vintage elegance. Being with a tour versus being on your own, I felt uncomfortable staying in such a nice place when there were so many people living in crumbling buildings. The tour itself was very organized and informative and a good way to see the country for the first time, but, if I could return I would try a different way of traveling. Not sure how many options there really are for US citizens since I’m not sure if you can rent a car or what the bus systems are like.


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