Finally up to blogging

12 May

It’s been a very weird week since returning from Cuba. It was a wonderful opportunity and I learned many interesting things about people, the Jewish religion and Cuba. What has been very weird is when people ask me about the trip, I have a very hard time communicating about the trip. I have no explanation why. Some of it is I really like to blog while I am on the trip to have the feel of the moment.
Cuba is a beautiful country, very similar to the other Caribbean Islands. You also feel like you have gone back in time. We stayed in the Nacional Hotel which is a state owned facility. State owned means that all the money goes to the government and the workers are like State workers in the US. It was a beautiful hotel which had an vintage elegance to it. There were 43 of us in the group which was sponsored by the Texas Jewish Society. 10 of us weren’t Jewish. We visited 3 Synagogues and attended a Friday night service. Many of the Cuban Jewish community have left the country. Very interesting lecture sessions. My favorite events were attending the Friday night service and the dinner afterwards. Really enjoyed several members of the group and I do believe we will see a few of them in La Veta and Cuchara this summer.
Below are some Florida photos and tomorrow I’ll post some Cuba photos.
First photo is of Judy, Ginny Nancy and I. We stayed with Judy at her cute place in Ft. Meyers for a couple of days before we left for Cuba. Photo #2 is a dolphin that followed our sunset cruise boat. #3 is an Osprey and baby. #4 is the sunset. #5 is baby alligator that we saw during the drive to Miami.
4 of us FL
flying dolphin osprey baby 2snset 2DSCN0479


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