Finally I have internet

1 May

Going to type fast because I just a little battery left. I have 12 hours of computer time and I can use it in the next 24 hrs.
Cuba has been one of the most interesting, frustrating, beautiful and depressing countries I have visited. It’s also the first communist countries I’ve visited.
We are staying in a grand hotel named Nacional Hotel. Many famous people have been here. It’s very 1930’s which is when it was built. Questionable toilets but we have learned how to flush ours properly. The staff knows very little English which I find interesting. The young guides we have had speak English very well.
Our elegant hotel is bordered by the ocean and tenements. Cuba feels like we are living in the 50’s because of the classic cars that are driving around for personal use and as taxi’s. There are 2million people in Havana where we are staying. Today, May 1 was Revolucion Day and all the state workers were off and had to be in the parade. We heard that former Russian President Meved was here in tne hotel last night to attend.
Regarding the Jewish group we have been traveling with, it was been very educational and interesting for me. We have visited 3 synagogues and the jewish cemetery. I ask a lot of questions and will attend their service tomorrow night. There is a holocaust memorial at the cemetery and the rabbi and the rest of the Jewish people said a Hebrew prayer by it. They also pick up rocks and lay them on the marble memorials to let the deceased know that someone is thinking of them. I also leaarned that I am a shicka not a shitka!
I have heard from Denny and the rv park officially opened today we have a few in the park and I believe we are close to full over Memorial Dayy.
That is it for now I Have photos and more to write about. Maybe a little more tomorrow.
Just a thought: As screwed up as the US can feel at times, I would never ever ever want to live in a communist country where you have NO freedom or real choices on how you want to live your life.

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