Monday, April 20, 2014

21 Apr


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There’s our new park photo for this year. The other photo is just crazy. I think I was trying to get a photo for my passport. Since it was just going to be a head shot, I guess I thought I didn’t need to put a bra on. My boobs look bigger than my head!!!!!!!!!! Judy and got hysterical over it.

Finally sitting down after a long, busy day. Had a great weekend getting the office and shop set up. Judy and I worked for hours on the website and really have everything looking pretty good. We figured out how to put photos and text in boxes and now when you open the site, the sentences won’t move around. Judy’s business, Simply Solutions is also putting what is called a “banner” on the Home page which will be a slide show of several area photos. It is really cool. May be on the page tomorrow or Wednesday.
Ginny and Mitzi came over today and worked on the cabin. Ginny painted a little room and Mitzi cleaned the kitchen. Wow. How great was that. I kept trying to help them but the phone kept ringing, and some people checked in for the night and more work on the computer. Speaking of phone calls; today we reserved a month in May, 2 weeks in July and a few 3 day stays. Very exciting. My email campaign and Facebook business page is helping also.
Tomorrow is my last day to paint and get things done regarding the park because……Wednesday I have to get ready for my trip to Cuba!!! I think I have all my paper work ready and some gifts for the Jewish people as part of the requirement to be able to go on this trip. I can’t remember if I have given details of the trip but I am able to go because of a Jewish group on a humanitarian trip. Nancy, Ginny and I will leave at 6 am on Thursday morning, Denny is driving us to Denver. We will fly to Ft. Myers, FL to visit our friend Judy for a couple of days. Then we will all drive to Miami on Sunday where we will spend the night. We leave Monday morning, the 27th at 11:30 for the hour flight. There will be 46 of us. Once we are in Cuba, we will check into a Havana hotel and then begin the itinerary. We will be visiting Synagogues and families plus different towns and sightseeing type things. The dollar is only worth 87 cents so that is kind of a bummer. I think we also have a beach day. Anyway, I am very excited and anxious to visit a different culture.
Hopefully it won’t be too crazy here while I’m gone. I’ll have everything ready for Denny regarding office duties. There will be a few check-ins but it really doesn’t get real busy until later in the month.
Judy ended up staying an extra night because the train was 5 hours late last night. We took her tonight and it was about 40
minutes late. Even though we worked a lot she was able to go on a bicycle ride Saturday morning. Then I met up with Sandy, Diane and Judy at the coffee shop. We worked all Saturday afternoon until about midnight. Sunday I took her out for a scenic drive. I forgot how beautiful this part of the country is.


3 Responses to “Monday, April 20, 2014”

  1. Carl 04/22/2014 at 5:33 am #

    Sound like things are progressing well. Please be careful and travel safe on your adventure outside the country. These days I always get antsy when friends or family travel outside the country. To bad we are not there to feed poor Denny while you are gone. LOL. He is a good cook though. Glad you had fun with Judy. We look forward to her coming to see us and the land once again. Have fun and keep “circling the wagons!” Oh, and great picture of you, Denny, and the “kids”!

  2. Mitzi Keairns 04/22/2014 at 4:20 pm #

    TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny! maybe we need to go back to Pueblo for a bra fitting again!! haha! Ok, what do you think….is your head extra small or are your boobs extra big. you make the call!

  3. Konnie 04/22/2014 at 7:07 pm #

    You are. Such a mess. I thought I had you straightened out while we together in llano. I can see it’s going to be a slow process. Please be so careful there. Cant be much more dangerous than driving in k.c. Can hardly wait to hear of your adventures.

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