I’m Loony over the lunar eclipse!

15 Apr

I actually followed through and stayed up for the lunar eclipse tonight and it was totally worth it. We arrived home at 10 and since Denny did all the driving I had the energy to stay up. I did actually wake him up toward the end of it because I got out the binoculars and then it was really cool to watch the eclipse. I already have a great idea to do something artistic tomorrow.
Another one of our whirlwind trips to Topeka. We left Saturday morning after dropping of the puppies at Rio Cucharas. They feel like that is their second home. They trot right in and don’t even tell us by. The staff loves them. We’ll pick them up early tomorrow. Arrive in Topeka about 6 Saturday and spent the next 3 hours visiting, shopping for supplies and then finally out to Larry and Torries to spend 2 nights. We dropped by and saw Billie and her crazy family. What a fun group they are. Since we never seem able to spend more than an hour with them, we all talk at once at different decibels plus the dogs are in the room too. Very crazy but very funny. Also, big cudos to daughter Billie. She has her hands full all the time but she always manages to help out with different organizations and their fundraisers. In Topeka, they have an annual 5k to raise funds for bile duct cancer. That is the cancer that my niece Juli had. Billie has put together a really cool Origami Owl charm necklace to donate to the fundraiser. Cade and Kyler have had good school years and are anxious for summer. I want Kyler to come spend the summer and help us out. Even though he is only 9, he had totally cleaned out their garage and organized it. There are plenty of projects like that here. Elliot is still so funny. She had her hair cut short because one of the boys at daycare cut off her ponytail!!! She was walking around with her toy cell phone in her pocket and would pull it out at times acting like she was getting a call. Cracks me up!! Billie used to do the same at the age but it was a play dial phone she would have to lug around.
Sunday was very busy. We were up early and met up with friends at the café in Eskridge and then went to the house for some more sprucing. Also sold the pontoon boat and we also brought the metal table and chairs with umbrella back with us to use with our vintage camper site. Then we went to Matt’s memorial. The Harley store was packed to the rafters with friends and family. Very emotional service for us but totally how he planned it. The minute the service began, the skies opened and it poured rain for a couple of hours. I find it interesting how weather acts during memorials. Juli’s skies were all about rainbows. Our friend Bob’s memorial was very interesting. When someone would share something sad, it would rain. When someone would share something funny, the sun would come out. After the service we went over to Judy and Dick’s to finish watching the Masters and then out to Dinner.
This morning we were up early for a meeting with Simply Solutions who helps with our accounting and website needs. From there I went to the doctor for my ongoing stomach issues. Thankfully nothing life threatening but a particularly violent onset of my Irritable Bowel disease. As I was describing my last year the first thing they recommended was to up my anti depressant to help even me out and they prescribed a miracle drug called Amitza. I took it a few years ago and I felt like a new person stomach wise. They asked me why I wasn’t still taking it and I said “because it costs me $384 dollars for a month. I was hoping it had become generic but it hasn’t and my insurance won’t even pay for it. We are going to do an intervention through the doctors office and see if they will. Hopefully within the week the bloating, muscle spasms, nausea and pain will be gone. I also will subsisting on gruel or rice and water for awhile. Anyway, I should be back to feeling better soon and ready to take on the summer.
Probably should wind down and try to get to sleep. Tomorrow will be an inside the house day since it will be too cold to paint in the cabin. I have a variety of things to do to keep me busy.

I also just realized that I, the Jbird, will be leaving for Cuba next week!! Have lots to do before I leave next Thursday.


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