We’re “Gitten er done”

11 Apr

Tonight I’m going to try and be live with my business FB. This is a test video to put on it. I also have a photo and then I’ll add as we get more done.
I’m on the heating pad with a muscle relaxer in me. My back has held up well until about the last half hour of painting. Glad I get a few days off since we are heading to Topeka tomorrow. This is the first room I am working on. The previous tenants were heavy smokers and the whole place stinks. I started thinking about back in the day when a lot of us smoked and smoking wasn’t even an issue when you rented a place!! Poor landlords. This cabin has to be ready by June 15 when a 90 year old man is renting it for 3 1/2 months. He walks 9 holes 5 days a week and has a little dog. The place will be perfect but it entails total painting and carpeting and cleaning the stove and refrig. Mitzi is going to clean the appliances for me. Every wall has to be painted with 2 coats of Killz before I can even put the color on the wall.
befire photo cabin
Denny has been working hard on the outside projects. The last couple of days he has been laying wood down to line the new sites. He also made a brace and back for our new sign that fits into the wagon. It’s beautiful. Thankfully we’ve had good weather.
new wagon
I’ve had lots of reservations made during the week. It’s nice that May is actually getting busy which is better than last year.
We have a busy weekend planned. We’ll get to Topeka late tomorrow. We have a bunch of supplies to get at Lowes. Then on Sunday we are meeting friends at the Coffee Cup Café in Eskridge for breakfast. Then we need to come to the house and do some more cleaning and turn the water on. Then we go back to Topeka and attend the service for Matt at the Harley Store. From there we hope to hook up with Billie and crew. On Monday we are up early to meet with our business accountants and website people. AT 10 I have a doctors appointment about my stomach issues. I’m practically unable to eat at all now. Then we will head back to La Veta and will arrive late at night. Then, another busy working week.
I did have some fun this week. Lunch with Ginny and Mitzi on Tuesday. A long visit with Dulany on Thursday. I wish you could see her artwork using Polymer clay. It is so beautiful and colorful. Jewelry, bowls, barrets, silverware, etc. Stunning. This morning Justin and Ricky came over for coffee and rolls. I’m going to try not to be so isolated at the park like I was last year.
That’s it for now. Lots to do before we leave in the morning.
You may not have seen this on FB but back in the 90’s I played golf with Kathleen Sebelious. I’m still thrilled with Obamacare and the opportunity to have healthcare for me and my son.


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