Back from our first Colorado Campground Owners convention

6 Apr

My brain is racing and I’m wound up and ready to try a couple of new ideas for the business. #1 is getting my business FB page ready and up and running this week. #2 See if Simply Solutions can help me get set up to book online. We learned lots of new ideas to market the park and they said to take 2 things away and do them well. So those are the 2 things I’m going to try. Will be an interesting week.
We stayed at the Rocky Mountain Park Resort. It was a nice place for the convention. The Owners group is trying to grow again after a few years of losing members. We think it will be very beneficial to be a member and we also gain another website that we will located on and a brochure that goes everywhere. We won’t be in the brochure until next year but will be on the website.
One of the rv park owners, Riverview RV Park, was totally wiped out last fall with the Big Thompson River flooding. Wow, can’t imagine that happening and to be totally uninsured for that disaster. He is rebuilding. Met another man who is building a park between Buena Vista and Leadville. It will actually be a haunted campground because a whole family in 1918 was wiped out in the flu epidemic and hunters have actually seen a little girl ghost. You know I was all over that story. It was fun to be around other owners. Made some new friends and also a woman who owns Aspen Ridge RV Park in South Fork. They were new owners of their park last year too so we had a lot in common.
On our way home today we stopped at the IKEA Store in Centennial. It was sooooo huge and overwhelming it started to freak me out. If I go there again I will definitely have a list of what I want because there so many decisions to make as you look around. Very clever decorating ideas.

After that we drove to the Springs and visited with Mike and Julie at their new place. Beautiful area and home. They have a chuauau which I love and of course getting one is on my mind again. Puppies are being boarded so anxious to get them home first thing in the morning. It started snowing as we drove toward Walsenburg and we should get some tonight. We sure hope so. Everyone is freaking about only having 15% of what we need to get the town water supply through the summer.
There was an open house at Lake Wabaunsee. I’ve once again lost my good feeling about it selling and just have to quit getting excited when there seems to be a buyer and then it turns out to be nothing. I HATE waiting for it to sell. We will go buy next weekend and turn the water on and do a few things. We are going to Topeka for Matt’s service which is being held at the Harley store. He planned the party 4 weeks ago and wanted it to be at the store and for it to be a party. It will be very sad but I know there will be a lot of his friends and family there.
That’s it for now.


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