There is a method to this mess

1 Apr

dennys roomback desk
office front deskback bedroombahroomliving room
Photos from top to bottom: The kitchen, Denny’s man cave, my desk area, the entry way into office, back guest room, guest bathroom and the living room.
Okay. I am the unpacker and searcher and Denny is the outside laborer and bathroom refinisher. I know this looks like there is no organization but I just wanted to do a before and after this being the before. 🙂 I have a very hard time staying focused in one room or area or keeping a complete thought. I’ve had lots of phone calls today and some reservations. Denny drove to Denver to see his knee doctors as a follow up that is a couple of years late. He is on his way back with a big stop in Pueblo. I was going to run to town to do errands but the winds are so horrendous I didn’t do it. There is dust blowing everywhere and if I’m out just for a few minutes my head hurts. I did make it out for the first time last night and went over to Mitzi’s . We watched the Voice but talked over most of it up until 10:30pm. That’s it for now because I have to get up and begin my moving things into my new material/art supply room. It will be one of the bedrooms where I will put my cutting table and drawing table. It is ready but I need a recliner moved out of there but I have to clear some paths before I can do that.


One Response to “There is a method to this mess”

  1. Jacque 04/01/2014 at 5:20 pm #

    that drives me crazy just looking at it.

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