Back home

28 Mar

We are home!! I’m so happy. Sitting in my recliner with the cozy pellet stove going. The house is a wreck with tubs, boxes, bags, paint cans, etc., etc. but that’s okay because we’ll start getting situated tomorrow. Of course, not before we pick up the puppies!!! Can’t wait to see them. They have been boarded for a week.
We had a busy week after we left Holiday Island with a packed truck and a loaded trailer. On the drive to Topeka we stopped at 3, count them 3, quilt shops. One in Lamar, MO, one in Hamilton, MO and one in Holton, MO. The shop in Holton almost made me cry because of all the beautiful quilts they had hanging. Very bright and colorful and wonderful designs. We spent time Monday night with Billie and the kids. She is recovering from her major foot surgery-double bunionectomy and had her foot rebuilt with 3 screws. She cannot put any weight on her foot for 4 more weeks. Luckily she can drive since it is her left foot but she is very tired at the end of the day after work because of all the hopping around. After that we drove out to Torrie and Larry’s where we stayed for 3 nights. They have plenty of parking for our trailer. Tuesday we drove out to the lake and checked on the house. We made the decision to do some cleaning on it on Wednesday. Had dinner with Chuck and Cindy at the Longhorn restaurant that night. They have a yummmmy lamb chop dinner that they serve on top of spinach and mashed potatoes. I actually had that twice because we went to dinner there the next night Torrie and Larry. Back to the lake on Wednesday where we vacuumed, mopped, and dusted. We also signed new realtor agreement and the house is back on the market and an open house on April 5 from 1-3. Please wish us luck. We need to sell. We have a good appraisal and a good price on it this year.
We also visited Dave and Matt who are both being treated for cancer. It was good to see them both.
Thursday morning we took KC to the doctor for an endoscopy. He is having so much trouble with his tummy. Thanks to Obamacare he now has insurance for the first time. Hopefully they’ll find out what is going on. It was nice to see him. We spent rest of the day doing laundry and I had to finish up a quilt. Then we drove to Lawrence and Cinda’s and spent the night with them on Thursday night.
It was a very hectic trip and I feel pretty tired.
full quilt
I designed this quilt using some material from Ricky Tims. It was a contest where you used some of his hand dyed material as the focus material in the design. I had to do everything myself including the quilting. It’s not great but I think it is pretty and will be pretty on one of our walls. I had to have photos entered in by midnight tonight and I just entered them.
We have purchased lots of materials for projects I need to sew. Denny has been a real trooper going to the quilt shops with me. He actually picks out quite a few pieces. He looks for golf stuff, bears, and he even came across some dirt bike material. He’s not too crazy about my cowboy material where they have on their jeans and cowboy hats but no shirts. The women who have seen it love it.
First project for me is to get my office in order which will take me most of the day and then we will work on something everyday to get ready for May 1. We are going to go to our first campground owner convention in Estes Park next weekend. We couldn’t afford it but another owner said he would sponsor some campground owners and pay their way. Wow, how generous is that. Denny met a couple in Llano who owns the campground in Gunnison and we’ll see them there. I think we’ll learn a lot.
I so hope they find out where that plane went down and I hope they find some more people who are missing in that awful mudslide. I don’t want those families to not know where their loved ones are.
That’s it for now. Catching up on my tv shows.

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  1. margie costello 03/29/2014 at 8:17 am #

    The Energizer Bunny has returned home to recharge!!

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