Packing up

21 Mar

Denny has left Colorado this morning and is heading this way to pick me up. He should arrive tomorrow morning. Can’t wait to see him. He boarded the puppies so I won’t see them until I get home. Judy and Marvin come home today. I have cleaned the upstairs and have moved my upstairs crap to the downstairs crap. I still have some sewing to finish up but I am done embroidering. Below are a few samples I’ve done for the Bird’s Nest. Scarves and dish towels. I have finally made peace with the embroidery machine and was able to get a lot done this week. Also have my sweatshirts done.

I need to quilt a small piece I made that I am entering into a contest that Ricky Tims is doing. The goal was to use his material as a highlight piece in the quilt. The light pieces are his material. I was nervous about quilting it but I have to do everything myself so I am using invisible thread to quilt it. For a small spool it cost $10!!!!! For something that you won’t see. Whoa. Anyway my mistakes won’t show up either.
pinned quilt
Yesterday my friend Jacque and I had fun looking at old photos of us she was texting me. She and I go back to 7th grade and were best friends. We had so much fun. The santa photo is when we were in 9th grade. The wedding photo is 1970. Loving the bow. Although there have been times we weren’t in contact we always knew where we were. She was my savior in my 2nd marriage when I would be jumping out of cars and running out of my house and I would call her and say “come and get me please!!!” and she would. She also held my hand when I thought I was going to die one night and got me through it. True friends are forever.


Mom and I had a fun afternoon yesterday. We went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant where she could have some soft food which is easier for her to eat. Then we went to the grocery store where she shopped. Quite a difference from October 28th when I received a phone call from my sister saying “Mom has had a heart attack and the doctor doesn’t think she’ll make it through the night! Please come!”. She made it to 94. She’s reading again, “Twelve Years a Slave”, emailing, paying her bills and her vitals are better than before the heart attack. Wow. You go Mom.
Now it’s time to head back to the RV park and get to work to be able to open on May 1. The phones are back on so now I answer the cell phone “Circle the Wagons RV Park”. Averaging at least 1 reservation a day already. Denny has fixed the plumbing in our guest bathroom so now when we have overnight company they don’t have to go the Bath House to use the bathroom. I’ll never forget when Bonnie and Randall just dropped by on their way to Kansas to say hi and use the bathroom. I sent them to the Bath House because they were cleaner than ours. 🙂 They ended up spending the night.
It’s been a long winter for the Gerdy Birdy. Thankfully I do have the Gerd (does it need to be capitalized?} under control and am thankful there is help for it.
My sister or Denny have not seen me in person yet with my white hair. I am very used to it now and love it. Have dealt with the feeling of looking like all the little ole’ ladies with white hair. My mom gave me this cute little wool hat that has a bill on it and kind of a beret look to it. I put it on for my walk and feeling spiffy. Then, here comes a car with a little ol’ lady with white hair wearing the same hat!!!! Yikes, haven’t worn it since.
Prayers please for our 4 friends that are going through their cancer treatments. Seems like the list just gets bigger each week.

One Response to “Packing up”

  1. Mitzi Keairns 03/24/2014 at 8:43 am #

    Can’t wait to see you J bird!! When do you plan to get into town? I was planning to have dinner with Ginny on Tuesday night….will you be around and available by then or are you stopping in kansas before you get here? Let me know!!

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