11 Mar

GERD is the diagnosis of my stomach issues. What a relief even though it is uncomfortable, painful and feels scary when it is in full bloom and seriously sounds like an old person thing. Prilosec for a month and refine my diet. Now, and I mean it… if after once again limiting my food intake to even a healthier diet and not drinking caffeine and I don’t lose a pound I am going to be PISSSSSSSSSSSSSED! We’ll see how this month goes.
clubhouse banner
Here’s the banner I made for our clubhouse. It will hang up between the flags in the room. project done. Just sent out 4 boxed of micro holders yesterday. But….how many times have I written about how I didn’t count correctly on my orders? So…Sunday night I came upstairs with all the bowls thinking that I had made so many that I even had extra. So I started sorting the orders and low and behold…I was short 3 bowls. Jeez. No biggie but it would have been nice to be done correctly.
fire hydrant
Denny had this made for our dog park at the campground. It is so cute and I can’t wait to put it in there. Denny went to pay for it and they said it was already paid for!! Judy and Susan had spent a few days in Llano with Denny mapping out the bicycle trip. They secretly paid for the fire hydrant as a surprise. I tell you, we have the best friends!!!!!
Some of you may have seen the comment regarding the American who was killed on the Malaysia flight. Our friends live in Texas and know the family of that man, Phillip Wood. It’s one thing to be distanced from tragedies like these but for our friends it really hit home. I still check my computer every few hours to see if they have found any trace of the flight. I so hope they find out what happened because I can’t imagine what it feels for Mr. Wood’s family. He had just been home last week to celebrate his father’s birthday. It’s all so tragic for the passengers and their families.
There is so much sadness. Sometimes when I write I feel like I can’t write about anything trivial or silly because there is so much sadness. But I also realize that as the saying goes “life goes on” and I really don’t like that saying. It seems to minimize an illness, a death, a catastrophe. There were times in my life that I would let these events paralyze me. Fear of flying, fear of driving over bridges, fear of dying. It crippled me for several years in my 30’s . I worried about animal extinctions, recycling to save the earth, oil soaked birds, homeless people, etc. I would join the Sierra Club, volunteer at a halfway house for prisoners, read books to school kids, joined the zoo. I did anything that I thought would do something good for the world. I was also going to therapy weekly, trying to stay sober, raise 2 kids, working 3 jobs,stay out of sick relationships (to no avail), playing tennis and golf several times a week. My therapist said I had “Existential Anxiety”. Wow. I did eventually get a grip on that, but I still can fall back into those feelings. (Not sure what triggered all that.) 🙂
Have a couple of fun days coming up. Going on a Quilt Shop Hop on Wednesday with my friend Robin. Hope to play some golf on Thursday or Friday. I’m also working on a fun quilt. It is made from some really cute camping material. I’m going to display it in my office and raffle it to raise money for my Friends of Namakkal mission. I hope that will be a good thing.
Time to get going with the day. Still need to change some clocks around here because I am still getting confused on time. I don’t know how to change the time on the tv or in the car.

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