Snowed in Day 3

4 Mar

This snowy picture was taken yesterday morning and it hasn’t changed at since then. I did walk out and get the papers and the snow went over my shoes and there was a thick layer of ice under it. The high today is to be 45 but as of noon it is still 33. There has not been a snow plow or anything happening. My car is in the garage which under the house and you have to come up a hill to get to the road. Why am I giving you all this info, because I truly don’t know when I will get out of the house. I do have a friend who can come and get me I think. I always fantasized about being snowed in for days by myself and just being able to work on projects. Well, you know what? I have been doing that but it is really weird how hard it is for me to stay focused. My mind is kind of racy and one minute I’m thinking about a quilt, then I’m thinking about and sewing bowl holders and then I’m thinking about reservations and the rv park and then I’m back upstairs feeding the birds and maybe yakking on the phone and then I’m back downstairs and I just go round and round. Very interesting. Not feeling psychotic or anything thankfully. I still have enough food and I still have a pumpkin cake I can make.
Disappointed that Sandra Bullock didn’t win Oscar.
Glad my Bates Motel is back on.
Anxious to see what happens on the Blacklist next week
Think I finally have my rv park reservations sorted out when I overbooked some groups during the first week of June.
Nervous about the Russia/Ukraine invasion.

That’s it for now. I’ll keep you posted on my predicament.

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