I always fail the urine test

26 Feb

I cannot pee in those little cups they give you for a urine sample. I have almost decided to look up on YouTube to see if they show how to do it. I sometimes ask for a hat which works great, but I forgot to today. Does anyone else have an issue with this? I know, I know, TMI!!!! but as one grows older this becomes a common test to do. Maybe I can be an advocate for others who have this problem. 🙂
I went to doctor with some stomach issues and my ongoing back pain. I thought by not doing a jigsaw puzzle it might go away but it hasn’t. She prescribed a super dooper muscle relaxer which may actually be working but it also gave me the munchies. But who cares about that. I still weighed 163 at the doctor’s office and the kind nurse took off 3 pounds for clothes.
Now I’m watching the weather and it looks like I’ll be iced in over the weekend so I must get my things done tomorrow. I will have to stock up on food and stuff tomorrow in case the hills around me get icy. The sun doesn’t hit them and even if it warms up, I will still be stuck.
I am going to the Quilt shop to have all my sweatshirts embroidered tomorrow. My friend Robin is helping me out with this. She didn’t freak out when she came to the basement on Monday night and walked among the material clutter. It seriously looks like a tornado has come through and scattered material scraps everywhere. We are both very alike mentally so it is blossoming into a nice friendship. I gave up trying to be organized because my brain is so scattered I can’t stay focused and the minute I fold all of my material and put them in their appropriate containers, then I immediately need something out of that container. Funny thing. I called Denny the other day and asked him to look for some batting I was missing. I had looked and looked around here. He couldn’t find it in the rv, then….I saw a box I hadn’t looked in and there the batting was. The funny thing is that I had put a label on it called “batting!!! Jeeez.
cade trophy
Here’s a photo of my grandson Cade skating around with the first place trophy from last weekends season final. It’s very exciting. They beat teams from Kansas City and St. Joe. I love that Cade has found an activity that he has continued with.
So glad my shows are back on. Wednesday and Thursday nights are my favorites. I do admit I watched the “Batchelor” last night due to the intriguing commercials. So glad that Andi came forth and told the truth about the creepy guy. Do you think they will ever end the reality shows? I saw that there is going to be another polygamist show called “5 Wives”. Sometime I think I’ll count how many there really are on the different channels. My guilty pleasure is “Dance Moms” and my daughter and I have tried not to watch but to no avail. It is totally disgusting and stupid and as Denny says “has no redeeming values”.
That’s it for now. Trying to go to sleep early tonight so I can get up a little earlier. I’m trying to train myself to start getting up at 7. Right now I am getting up at 8.


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