The Votes are in

25 Feb

My decision to turn gray or the color of my hairpiece “silver mist” was a huge hit. The most views ever!! Who knew. Any way it is day 4 with the new color, I’m used to it and love it and am now done being self-absorbed about it. Thanks for all the posts and comments regarding the decision. It really did help.
gray j

Just back from seeing Mom and taking my treacherous hill walk. I can’t believe my heart rate as I walk up it. My goal next week is to walk up that hill, back down and then go up the other hill on the side of Judy’s house. It’s even longer. Did check the scale this morning. Not great but have broken the 160 mark by weighing in at 159. So, I think that is 4 lbs down from 163. Still eating well and off of the Pepsi.

Mom doing great. Hope to do another outing this week but the weather is turning cold again so not sure if it will work out.

My friend Robin came over last night to help me with my embroidery issues. She is redoing our logo which will make it a little easier and then she said “why don’t you just pack up all the sweatshirts and bring them to my shop and we’ll do them on my 6 thread embroidery machine and they can all be done in a day.” Now that is a good friend. That way I won’t have them all hanging over me and can my other projects done.

Next weekend I will be doing a marathon sewing of microwaveable bowl holders. If you would like one I sell them for $10 and 3 for $25. You really must have these in your home. You can’t imagine how easy it is to get your bowl of hot foot out of the microwave. You put the bowl in the holder and then put it in the micro and then you bring it out and it is already to sit down and eat and you won’t be holding a hot bowl. If you click on the file Art/Park below you can see exactly how it works. They are great for gifts and family members, etc.
That’s it for now. Doing some business stuff over the phone with Denny and then heading to the basement.


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