Thursday, Feb 13

13 Feb

Just finished up some campground business work. Have a really big group coming in the first week of September. Also paying some bills. Sending in final payment for the Cuba trip also.
Fun day. Once again it was beautiful so we took advantage and played golf with our friends Richard and Suzanne. I was very happy that I shot an 89!!! After a shot nap we had a big potluck. We furnished fried chicken and Carl and Konnie furnished pull pork. Soooo yummy. We did not make the chicken but Carl did smoke the pork. Very tender. Everyone brought side dishes and it was fun. Then Susan and I finished up our hardest puzzle yet, Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”.


Yesterday was my last sewing day. Konnie and I had a mini class and I showed her how to do quilt blocks and she showed me how to do paper piecing. It was really fun but we were tired. I made the cutest little note card where you make a tiny quilt block and then insert in the card. Can’t wait to make some more. I also made an Attic Window block which is kind of 3 dimensional and I think they would be cute to sell in shop using my camping material. We’ll see.
bird block

quilt card

After we were done it took me 3 hours to clean up my clutter. I also had to get it organized and use my new label maker and also buy yet another tub. I may be a tub hoarder. I think we can get everything I’ll need to Arkansas. Will set up shop in Judy’s house for a month.
I will miss being in this area. Really love the Hill Country.
Tomorrow we are going to Marble Falls to the Quilt Show and to eat at the Bluebonnet Café. It’s a quaint restaurant known for it’s food and pies. I think you know you will always have to wait to get in. We are heading out at 8 am to eat there first then go to the quilt show. When we get back we’ll finish packing the truck and then hopefully we’ll watch Captain Phillips which we’ve recorded. We’ll have to get up early on Saturday to head out. Can you believe that we’ll be celebrating Mom’s 94th birthday!
After my initial disappointment of no weight loss yet, I thought I’d get back on my little exercise routine. While I was on the floor on my back doing pelvic tilts, the dogs thought they needed to assist which turned into one of their playful fights. Jumper kept jumping on my face, Meeko kept biting my hands, then when I was finally able to tilt my butt up, Jumper got under my legs and was barking at Meeko. I sooo wish there would have been a video. It was hilarious.
I’m adding a new page to Sydney’s page which above the blog page.
Left foot still getting better. Back has been very tight and feels so out of place but am getting some Soma tomorrow to maybe get the spasm to ease up. Too much sewing in a bad chair and too much leaning over puzzles. So out of shape.
Since I have to get up at 7, going to try and get to sleep earlier.


2 Responses to “Thursday, Feb 13”

  1. Carl 02/14/2014 at 6:30 am #

    We’re going to miss you in Llano. Besides, now we have the responsibility of keeping Denny out of trouble! It’s been fun! Konnie has had great fun in the sewing sweat shop. Today, Blue Bonnet cafe here we come! Also, we can’t wait to “Circle the Wagons” in September.

  2. Kathy 02/14/2014 at 8:46 am #

    Your quilt squares look great Bird! Have fun in Arkansas and Happy Birthday to your Mum!!

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