I love Twizzles

9 Feb

I LOVE Ice Dancing. How dramatic and I love when the twizzle. And all the flips and turns. Like the Gracie and they young Russian dancer. I think the ladies are going to be exciting this year. I’m glad that they have the team things so we see more ice skating. I think the audience seems to be indifferent to anyone but the Russians, but maybe that’s always the case no matter what the country they are in.
There is a new post about Sydney and her bone marrow transplant and how it is going. I find it interesting how the whole process is working and how brave she is.
I am now thinking so much about our good friend who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. What would I do if I got the diagnosis? I don’t know. Maybe go to St. Croix, a quilt retreat, take my family on a cruise. I don’t know. I do know that I don’t want him to be uncomfortable and feel terrible and that the treatments and surgery are successful. Ido know that Denny and I must get our affairs in order and I said that a few months ago and we didn’t follow through. We did have a will done when we were first married but so many things have changed we definitely need to update.
Decided I needed to weigh myself and got myself in a twizzle when I saw I had not lost one pound. I ranted and raved for awhile but then Billie reminded me how much better I feel and that what I’m doing is healthy. It was a beautiful day here and we played golf with Richard and Suzanne. We played the Bingo, Bango, Bungo game and I took the first 9 and Denny won the 2nd nine. We each made a dollar. I shot a 95 which I was very happy with.
Very good news again about my feet. They are better and better each day!!! I truly believe I have turned a big corner and that by next week I can take long walks. I really need to do that since I am .5 from having osteoporosis from my last bone density test. I really need to do some bone work. I am so happy not to wake up in tears every morning and who knew that this simple splint I wear at night would work such a miracle.
Tomorrow is Elliott’s 4th birthday. I TRULY AM THE WORST GRANDMA. Who forgets their grandkids birthday!!! I do. Apparently not only did she paint on the easel, but on the dog, and her dresser in her room, etc. Sounds like her Grandma Birdie and Mommy.
painting elliott
Jumper is being weird tonight. Denny gave him a bath today and he’s mad at him and is out here in the living room with me instead of in bed with him. Our dogs are soooooooo sensitive.
Weather will be crappy again for next 3 days so I will be sewing up a storm for 3 days. Tomorrow I’m showing Cheryl and Konnie how to make micro bowl holders. Then I have some embroidering and sewing to do the next couple of days.
That’s it for now.


One Response to “I love Twizzles”

  1. Vicki Hufford 02/09/2014 at 11:45 pm #

    Cancer is very scary, but I hear pancreatic cancer is one of the most painful….so sad!!

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