Vietnamese nails

7 Feb

blue nails
I had my first ever experience at one of those Vietnamese nail salons. Maureen and I went there yesterday morning. I felt like Elaine on Seinfeld when she went to one of those salons and all they did was talk in their language and she thought they were talking about her. I had that same feeling because my tech talked all the time and I had no idea what she was saying!!! But you know how I am, I began asking questions (in English) and really found out a lot about her country. Cost of living, how the Vietnamese families have salons all over the world and that is what they do. She has lived in Texas for 15 years, her mom, husband and brother work at the salon and her kids are in college. Anyway I went wayyyyyy out of my comfort zone with the nail color but I thought “what the hell”.
Now look at this pedicure chair! While you are getting a pedicure you are getting a massage. I so wish I could have done that but with my fungus toe and eczema foot I have to forego those now. Anyway it was a nice morning before I had to go back to work on my latest quilt projects.
Can’t wait until today. It’s our last class and we are doing the Classic log cabin block. Now that may not sound exciting to you but….it is a series of strips that some how make this beautiful block with a red square smack dab in the middle. The material is very subtle today, I thought I would calm down my color schemes.
I am heading into my last week here. I will miss being here. The hill country of Texas has it’s own ambiance. Quilt shops, barbecue, quaint little towns, cowboys and cowgirls, nice people. Tomorrow I do think that we get to golf. Today, our water was frozen again but is not thawed out and it is cloudy, misty and cooolllllddddd. Not as bad as other people I know but when one comes to the south to be warm the 20’s feel like below zero. Austin has just about shut down.
I have received my variegated embroidery thread and I am very excited to get the machine out and try it. Think our logo will be booootiful.
That’s it for now. It’s my day to do laundry which is really fine because while I do laundry I sew and work on a jigsaw puzzle. As I wrote that I thought “I sound like an old lady!!!!! what has turning 61 done to me???” Since I already sound old, good news on my left foot. I am using a splint at night to keep the heel stretched and it is working. Yea!!! I had tried it before but since my arch was so stiff it didn’t work, but since I had the surgery on that now the splint thing seems to be working. Very happy about that.


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