I am so obsessed with quilting

6 Feb

Many of you know what happens when I take on a new endeavor. I go 1000% in. But with the photo you will see why this is so fun.
star quilt
I found the striped material and the bright green on sale and couldn’t wait to put them together. Yesterday was my quilt class and the star, the snowball and the bowtie was our class. Tomorrow is our last class and we will be doing the classic Log Cabin. Now I do wish you could see the faces of the other quilters with the choice of my materials. ML ML ML
It is burrrrrr cold here today in the low 20’s but….Saturday it will be 70. It is nice to get reprieves. Austin is struggling with sleet so things are shut down or being delayed. It’s weird how they get the worst of these storms even though we are just west of them.
Today I am going with a little old lady, (being 61 am I a little old lady to someone who is 40?) and we are driving to Kingsland for manicures. Her name is Maureen from Canada and she is a wood worker who uses a saw and does those intricate designs in wood. She can’t bring her saws here because they are too big.
Not much else happening. Denny is hanging in there with the weather and the lack of activity he gets to do. He has been busy mapping out our bicycle trip for next November.
Big prayers for Sydney and Matt please. Matt has entered Hospice so he can have more assistance. Sydney had a better day yesterday but it will be a week before if the transplant is going to work.


One Response to “I am so obsessed with quilting”

  1. Kathy 02/06/2014 at 1:17 pm #

    Beautiful quilt work Bird!!

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