Good day

4 Feb

We’ve had a nice day. What looked like was going to be a crappy weather day turned out very nice and we were able to get in 9 holes. It seems like most of the people we know how having horrific weather in Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado and Chicago. What a huge storm. I shant complain when it’s only in the 40’s tomorrow.
This morning we drove over to Fredricksburg to have lunch with Bernie and Diane. Diane is my cousin. We ate at Mamacitas which is a really big Mexican restaurant. I think it is kind of known for it’s margaritas. So…we are chatting along and for some reason my looks come up. I think I said something about the quick lift which just brings your jowls up and makes you look younger according to the commercial I just saw this morning. Diane says “J, you were so cute and popular in high school!!) I said “Well what about now!!” The only response was laughter. Then Bernie said when they pulled into the parking lot they were looking for us. Bernie said all he saw was a Mexican walking into the restaurant. That be me! I had on my cowgirl hat and a heavy coat. (this brings back memories of Ojo Caliente and me looking like Ralph Cramden in a flannel bathrobe) So the thoughts of my jowls being lifted are seriously coming to the forefront. Of course Diane looked like a fashion plate. A darling high waisted coat with a fluffy pink scarf and a beautiful blouse with some wonderful necklaces. I had on my Shank tee shirt and Denny had on his hoody. We had a really fun lunch and lots of laughing.
Update on my Mom. She is now back on the computer and reading emails. Wow. I’m afraid she is iced in again at the assisted living place. Judy said they couldn’t get up the hills around her house. Glad I’m not there yet.
Update on my projects. Have put the embroidery machine away and will finish them in Arkansas. There are some issues with the stitching that need to be addressed. I am now working on the blocks for my quilt class which I have the last 2 classes this week. Also working on banner for Clubhouse.
On Sunday, my neighbor Cheryl and I drove to Kerrville to the best quilt shop I have been in. It was totally overwhelming with all the fabrics, colors, patterns, notions, books, threads, etc. One lady helped me a lot on some embroidery problems so I’m not far from being able to do mass embroidery.
I have posted an update on Sydney on her page.
I am a month off of Pepsi, did have a little junk on Super Bowl Sunday, some Wavy Lays, but other than have continued the healthy eating. Have not weighed myself but will sometime this week to see if I have gone under 160 yet. Let’s hope so!!!


One Response to “Good day”

  1. Jacque 02/04/2014 at 5:13 pm #

    Jay you are still cute!

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