Monday Tidbits

27 Jan

First tidbit. After many, many practices I finally made our first official Circle the Wagons Hoody. Denny is wearing it proudly and now I feel like that is one thing I can get done for the Bird’s Nest.
Photo of the Llano River which runs parallel to the golf course. There were some pelicans hanging around and an eagle flying.
Yesterday it was in the high 70’s and very windy. We played with our friends Suzanne and Richard. It was my first 18 and I shot a 93. Can’t get too cocky, (even though I did birdie #1) because the course is very dry so the ball goes much farther than usual. Denny won $3 in quarters after chipping close on 18. He does that all the time. He can play like crap for 17 holes and then on 18 he finally makes a chip!!! Of course I’m upset because I had the quarters. 🙂
I do believe I’m beginning to sound like a Canadian with a Texas accent. Very strange.
Played cards last night with another Canadian couple. It was a different version of Rummy which was fun.
Denny is designing a small quilt for me to make for the Clubhouse. I have so many designs running in my head that I must write them down. With the weather being really crappy for the next 2 days I have lots of sewing time.
My Mom is doing really well and can finally get around now without assistance but she does use a walker. So glad that she can quit waiting for someone to come when she rings her buzzer.
Had a massage on Saturday after my brutal dog walk. She doesn’t think I have a rib popping out that it is a muscle spasm and that my back is super tight. Going to have another one on Wednesday. I have been continuing with my core exercises and I think I feel some tightening in my tummy, or……it’s constipation. MLMLML.
Was sorry to see Gary Woodland lose yesterday but what an exciting last round of golf. Didn’t know who was going to win.
That’s it for now. Got to get creative.


One Response to “Monday Tidbits”

  1. Linda 01/27/2014 at 7:04 pm #

    I think I might have to get one of those sweatshirts when I come to LaVeta next summer. Your logo looks really good.

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