Both dogs may get traded in for a chihuahua today

25 Jan

So….Denny needed to take our propane tank to get filled on this cold, brisk sunny morning. I thought “Why don’t I take the dogs out for their morning walk?” which I never do. I bundled up, got the poop bag and off we went. The park we stay is on the Llano river which is beautiful. There’s a little park that sits by it and there is a little waterfall. Very serene. UNFORTUNATELY THERE IS ALSO A LOT OF GEESE!! I chose to take this route this morning. I thought it was weird that the dogs were practically running as we started out. I could hardly keep hold of them. Too late, goose poop heaven which they love, love, love…I felt like I was in an obstacle course trying to keep them from eating it. They each got a little but finally we were through the maze of the poop and I took a breath and was wondering if the rib that popped out in my back from all the tugging would go back in later today. We went through the little gate and were on the dirt path which I didn’t f@#$%^& know was lined with poop from who knows what. I got poop out of both of their mouths (thankfully it was frozen) and I was now beginning to get really pissed that I took them out. I started daydreaming about a little Rinky replacement. How a Chihuahua wouldn’t have this strong of a pull, how snuggly they are, how cute they are, etc… We still had a ways to go and I forgot that walking by the 4H barn brings up a whole ‘nuther issue-horse and cow poop. Off we go into the tugging game. “That’s it I thought, they are going to be traded in today!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally we made it back to the rv. My rib is out, I’m frustrated and I told Denny about the adventure. He said “We never go that way anymore because it is too stressful”. When I mentioned that I was taking both the dogs to the pound to trade them in for a Chihuahua he reminded me that Rinky could also dig in her paws for a piece of poop and food and actually lost her life eating an onion ring off the ground. Okay, okay Meeko and Jumper. You have a reprieve and we just won’t walk that way. But…then comes in the issue of brown grass and goat head stickers and that’s a whole ‘nuther story.

Many of you have been in my studio areas and know how unorganized I am and wonder how in the heck I get anything done. Well, I’ve done it to the clubhouse at the rv park. The good thing is that I do have to pick up each day so I can’t just leave it a disaster area. Also just another photo of some more quilt blocks I’m making. I could just make quilt blocks all days I think.
Last night Denny and I had a date night and we drove to Marble Falls to see “August:Osage County”. I give it a 2 out of 5. Of course Meryl Streep is riveting, but a little overacting maybe? What should have been a really emotional movie that maybe you would want to cry, it wasn’t. It was okay though but I would hope it won’t win an academy award and I don’t think Meryl or Julia should either. The movie did put the DYS in a dysfunctional family. Next movie we are going to see is the “Devils Due” which I am sure isn’t going to be up for any academy awards but Denny said he would go see it with me for my birthday.
Warming up and could be nice enough to play golf this afternoon and is supposed to be in the 70’s tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Both dogs may get traded in for a chihuahua today”

  1. Kathy 01/25/2014 at 9:21 am #

    Why can dogs get so sick in the head? Bella does that too and it is so disgusting! Have fun playing golf today and hugs to you both!

  2. Mitzi Keairns 01/26/2014 at 5:06 pm #

    Ha Ha!! You crack me up!!! Save that piece for your future book (that I am going to make you write….or should I say put together. The story is already written! Hey I lost your address down there…or actually maybe I never had it. I wanted to send my good , good , buddy a little birthday greeting so send me it if you would! Have a great day and don’t kill the puppies!!

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