24 Jan

My little what I thought would be a ballerina granddaughter Elliott has taken her first ice skating lesson. I wish you could see a picture of her pink ice skates. Hope you enjoy the video. I think that is her big brother Cade helping her. He is quite the skater and hockey player.
We are bundled up in the rv this morning. It is bitterly cold. Llano didn’t get the snow as predicted but it is slippery out. Thankfully it will be back in the 60’s. Great day to continue on my quilt blocks. Who knew I would enjoy sewing so much?? I think it is the excitement of seeing the different shaped blocks come together. I am working on Shoo Fly variations and I think I could make a whole quilt using those blocks.
It is someone’s birthday who shall remain nameless, and yes that could include it could be one of the dogs. We are actually going out on a date to see August:Osage County. I saw Meryl in an interview and she said she had a hard time playing that part because she came from a very loving mother and there was never any hollering or screaming in her home. I could have played that part easily since I think I was a hollering/screaming mother but could make up with Billie and KC with a bag of Wavy Lays, con queso and a scary movie with us all covered up on the divan with blankies.
That’s it for today.


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