A new quilt class

22 Jan

paris quilt block
I’m using my material that I bought in Paris for my latest quilting project. It will have at least 16 different blocks in it plus a really cool border which is the diamond shaped strip. Really liked the class and the teacher and the other 2 students. Tomorrow it is going to be crappy out so I will spend the entire day sewing. Denny will be driving the countryside with Carl checking out motels for our bicycle trip next November. It may actually snow a little bit.

Meeko has been a very bad dog this week and I made him look at the Humane shelter’s photo of a little chiuaua that needs a home. At the pro shop there is a little chuaiua named Bogey and it makes me miss Rinky sooooooo much. I did cut this picture out and I may call the number but hopefully she has been adopted so I won’t be tempted.

Wanted to give a suggestion regarding gluten free spaghetti. The brands we have been using for years have been just so-so. Last night we used a Quinoa brand and it was deliceeeeous. It breaks down into little pieces but that’s okay because it is still yummy.

I told the ladies at the quilt store to not let me buy anything else for a long time.

Played golf again yesterday afternoon. You wouldn’t believe how wicked the greens are here. I’ll need to play a few times before I cut down the number of putts.

We are going to see “August: Osage County on Friday. There is a nice theatre in Marble Falls which is about 30 minutes from here.

I just downloaded a book called “An Island Called Home, Returning to Jewish Cuba”. I am going with a group of 45 in April to Cuba. It is an (or a) humanitarian trip for the Jewish community in Cuba. I will understand more about the issues after reading the book. I’m very excited about going. My friends Judy, Nancy and Ginny from La Veta are also going. (Have I already written about this?)

One of the prayers I say for my new eating plan is the Serenity Prayer and then I end it with “please help me feed my body with nutritious foods to keep it strong and healthy”. I really do believe by starting my day before I get out of bed with that prayer that it is helping. I did weigh myself this morning and it said that I weighed 163 lbs but I don’t think that can be right because I was nekked and when I stood on it the number 30 came up but I also know I don’t weigh 133 lbs so I will have to zero out the scale. I will keep you posted. I think I should weight about 158. I am doing floor exercises for my abs and back and stretching. I am also dancing to my music for about 15 minutes to get my heart rate up some. Next week—–riding my bicycle.

Talked to my Mom the other day and she said she had turned over a new leaf on life. (or is it “new lease on life”) Judy rearranged her little apartment and she felt it was less crowded in the living room. She also said she wasn’t sure how long her “new leaf” turning was going to last, maybe til just 4 that afternoon. She is so funny. I will check in tomorrow to see how she is doing.

Jbirdworld has inspired a couple of my readers. Who knew!! One friend is going to see about volunteering at a nursing home and visiting patients that don’t have any family. Another reader has been inspired to begin quilting again.


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