The quilt is finished

19 Jan

finished quilt
Did the handstitching of the binding today and will get the quilt ready to mail tomorrow. I hope Cindy likes it. I am happy with it. This week I begin a 4 week quilt class that will meet on Wednesdays. I think there are 9 blocks and they will all be different. Have picked some fun fabrics. One of them is a vintage rv park print which is wonderful.
Have not been in a tizzy the last day and a half and I also haven’t picked up my book. Maybe tomorrow I will get it finished. Then I think it’s time to read a nice, scary fiction book!
Love Sunday night TV. True Detective and Girls on HBO. The Following starts tonight and it’s also The Good Wife. In the rv we kind of rough it because I can only record one show at a time and you have to watch the sow you are recording. Not like having the Hopper. We’ve survived the situation.
Glad the Broncos won today.
Played golf with 4 other ladies today. First time since last March since I’ve touched a club. Actually played pretty well. We played a scramble. The course is so-so. Not a lot of grass in the fairways but the greens are nice but tricky. Definitely have to know where to hit your approach shot or your first putt could roll right off the green. Just played 9 but hope to get in a couple of rounds this week.
Forgot how good it feels to eat healthy, unprocessed foods. I’ve been off of Pepsi, candy except for 70% cocoa chocolate bars, no chips or junky stuff. My tummy is soooo happy and I definitely feel the difference. Don’t really have any desire to eat out for awhile. Have exercised everyday. Nothing dramatic but working on my abs with some exercises. Purchased a gel pad for my left heel and it is taking pressure off of the heel spur so able to walk around better. Wish my right toes would quit feeling sprained.
My grandson Cade’s hockey team won all 5 games in Kansas City this weekend. I know Cade made 1 goal. Yippee.

That’s it for now.


2 Responses to “The quilt is finished”

  1. Sandy 01/20/2014 at 7:40 am #

    Hi J! My mom Sara used to job share with a gal who now lives in Kerrville and is a great quilter. Her name is Katy in case you run into her. She and her husband Wayne were full time Rvers for a year or two and still go off doing service projects at various Christiam camps n things. They also come thru here to see my mom and stay at Circle the Wagons!

    • jbirdworldblog 01/20/2014 at 8:49 pm #

      Thanks for telling me that Sandy. I’ll keep my eye out for her

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