Tidbit day

16 Jan

My quilt is taking shape. Today I take it to the quilt store to make sure I do the next step right which is cutting triangles. One would think that would be easy but in quilting there is the bias, the way of the grain and all sorts of stuff. Apparently a quilter is supposed to be looking at the grain but I don’t even know what to look for yet. I’m just happy that I am able to cut out some squares and sew them together.
Just dropped Denny off at the golf course where he will golf with the men’s group today. When I came back in I found my jerky in the mouth of a Jumper. He’s a bad bad dog.
As I was backing out the truck to take Denny I almost hit a police car. The police station is right here in the park. It reminded us of the time that a tire flew off of our trailer as we were driving through Kansas one summer. I was driving and felt a bump and woke Denny up and said “I think I just saw our wheel fly across the highway.” We pulled over and there was actually a fire under the trailer from the friction of the axle dragging across the pavement. Sooo, we call the tow truck from a little a get towed in. Soo…since Denny needed to ride a motorcycle that was in the trailer, I was going to drive the truck to Topeka. As I was backing out of the space I ran right into the tow truck and totally bashed in the tailgate. Yes, Denny still loves me.
Day 3 of not telling you what I’m not drinking but yesterday was tough. Bad craving. One thing I am going to try is to go to bed and read earlier to avoid my 10 pm munchy issue. I finished off the Schwans’s tiny ice cream bars last night so I am now down to no fun things to eat in the rv. We’ll see how that works. I’m trying to walk everyday but it is at such a slow pace because of my stupid, f@#$%^& feet I don’t know if it’s worth it but I still think it is good to walk. The cortisone shot in my left foot didn’t take so I’m dealing with the heel spur and all the toes on my right foot feel like they are sprained. Dr. Galliano said it is tendonitis. Rubbing them a couple of days with Sore No More analgesic and taking Tylenol but so far no results.
Not much else happening here in Laaaaano. Nice people in the park. Weather is good.


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