Quilting can be exciting

14 Jan

Just finished day 2 of doing some floor exercising which for some reason pulls a rib out of place in my back. Fortunately I can get it to pop back in. Good grief I am so not aging well. Next will be a walk then a shower then over to the clubhouse to work on my latest project.
You would not believe what I have gone through the last 4 days regarding a little 36″ x 36″ quilt. Back in May, Cindy picked out a pattern and material for a quilt for her bedroom. Now I have the chance to get started on it. Last Friday, Konnie and I opened the pattern and sorted the material and discovered that I needed something called the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star template. Yikes. We began calling quilt shops and discovered one in Bandero, TX had one. It was a 2 hr drive one way. Off we went. Great quilt shop. One thing I love about local quilt shops is when you leave you feel like you have made a new friend. We purchased the template and few other items and drove back to Llano. (Another funny story. When we called the Gone Quilting store we asked how far it was from Llano (Lawno). They said they didn’t know where that was. I spelled out the town name and they said “Oh, you mean Laano, pronounced like the l a in lamb.) Once we were back Konnie said she would cut out the material for me while I embroidered. She said “Where is the pattern?” We looked all over for it and realized that I had left it at the quilt shop in Bandero. Shit!!! Denny and I headed back to Bandero on Saturday morning. I found the pattern and the ladies in the store could not believe that we had to drive back. That afternoon Konnie and I once again began the process. Konnie cut material and I worked on my embroidery machine. She got all the pieces cut out and we began to figure out where we would begin. OMGosh. What a tangled mess we had. We couldn’t figure out what went where. I asked my neighbor, Cheryl, who is a quilter to come and see if she could help us. She freaked out over the pattern and how confusing it was. After all was said and done, we decided to put this quilt pattern away and begin with a new one. Cheryl had a book with some simpler quilt patterns and Monday I went to the quilt shop and purchased new material and worked several hours yesterday on it. I think it will be very nice. What’s really funny is that another friend,Suzanne, has been in the clubhouse during many of these conversations working on a jigsaw puzzle. What she thought was probably a calming hobby to do has now changed her mind and what’s nothing to do with ever making a quilt! Thankfully there are quilt shops in all the towns around here and they are all great.
The logo is coming right along. I finally have all the colors in place. Today I have some sweatshirts coming in to put the logo on them. Hope it works out as well as we would like it to.
Tidbits: The Black List was great last night. Can’t wait until the Following begins again.
Figure skating continues to make me nervous to watch with all the falls. Gracie Gold was great, Ashley Wagner shouldn’t be on the team.
Not going to tell you what I am on day 1 of eliminating because you have heard it before for years. We are trying to eliminate all processed foods from diet. Starting day with prayer to help me nourish my body and take care of it. Tip from the Daniels Plan by Rick Warren.
After seeing a photo in time magazine of 2 dead workers holding each other after being burnt to death in a factory fire in India, I am going to try to buy only Made in USA clothing. Not sure if it is possible, but will give it an honest try.
That’s it for now


One Response to “Quilting can be exciting”

  1. Dick Wood 01/14/2014 at 12:33 pm #

    Tell Denny I’m on the road to recovery and looking forward to the Hill Country bike trip.  dick

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