Llano, Texas with Denny and the puppies

9 Jan

After a really great visit to Topeka, Denny and I arrived in Llano last night about 9 pm. Once again he drove the entire way and I lounged around in the back seat, all squished up between sewing machines, bags and Jumper. The weather was warm when we arrived and I didn’t even need a coat on to unpack the truck.
Denny went to bed and I got set up on the divan and turned on the lifetime movie channel and was up and down most of the night. Not feeling great since I have spent the last couple of months eating lots of stuff I shouldn’t. Anxious to begin long walks, bicycling and golfing. Had a cortisone shot on Wednesday and can have 2 more this year in my feet. As long as I can do that I will be much more mobile. Foot neuropathy is the diagnosis which is rather scary but there is hope as time goes on.
Had fun seeing a KU game with Judy and getting caught up, dinner with girlfriends on Monday night, seeing Ruth with the puppies, staying with Torrie and Larry. They have a great basement that we call the cave and we used to stay in it a lot years ago when we would come back from Colorado. Feels like old times. The joke there is that Torrie is wearing the same bright green sweats that she wore back then!! We also had lunch with Dave and Sherry in Lawrence. We saw our friend Erin and her family in Eskridge at her Mom’s memorial. We also made a drive by at the lake house where we found a bunch of dead lady bugs. Denny went back out and vacuumed them up. Watched the boys on Monday when school was cancelled due to frigid temperatures. I am such an awful grandma. When I got to their house I plopped my big butt into the recliner with a blankie and dosed off. Then Denny came and picked us up and took us to lunch. When we got back, I dosed off again and every now and then Kyler would wake me up and show me something he was making with this really cool electrical kit that he can make many things move like propellers and stuff. Anyway, I would say “that’s really cool”. I did that until 4:15!! They loved it because I wasn’t hollering at them to clean their room and stuff like that. They loved their Grandma Birdie. Elliott is continuing to grow up into quite the little girl. She is so funny and clever. Billie and I even had a chance to sneak off to the casino where we won big-$85 on the Zeus machine. We cashed out and went back to Topeka to have dinner. We were only there about 30 minutes. Denny was able to have a good visit with Matt who continues his cancer fight at home now. He is so incredible and is not giving up on life yet.
I’m still into reading non-fiction. I have finished reading about a hospital affected by Katrina called “Five Days at Memorial” a little tedious but what the staff and patients and afterward made a harrowing story. A biography about Bob Fosse called “Fosse”. It was a little long but lots of juicy stories and I was totally amazed how someone could ingest so many drugs, cigarettes and alcohol and be so talented and live to be 60!
Then I just finished “With or Without You” which is about a woman who grew up in an extremely dysfunctional family and a horribly drug addicted mother and her journey to sobriety. I have just started “The Immortal Story of Henrietta Lacks” which chronicles the story of a black woman in the early 50’s who died of cancer but when they took cells from her they grew and grew and lives all these years have been saved by the use of her cells. Of course, the horrible part of the story is how they took advantage of Henrietta, being poor and black in the south and also how they kept the information from her family. It’s very riveting and I like how it is written.
Now it is time for getting some things done for the Bird’s Nest at the campground and updating the website. We’ve increased the prices a little to just round off the numbers. Had a reservation come in today and so far the summer looks bright. I’ll go by the quilt store this week and see if I can set up my sewing machines there. If not, once again I ‘ll take over the entire front of the rv with all my stuff.
Tonight we are having dinner with Carl and Konnie who are our friends from Topeka who are here for the winter. They discovered the campground last year. He is a great cook and is going to fix tenderloins and veggies tonight.
That’s it for now.


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