January 6, 2013

6 Jan

Baby it’s cold outside. We are in a winter chill like most of the country. The kids were out of school due to low temperatures so I am at Billie’s house for the day. Denny is going to be running errands most of the day. We are staying with Torrie and Larry. We stay in their basement bedroom and it is so dark and quiet it’s hard to get up in the morning.
We arrived in Topeka about 5 on Saturday night. We spent 2 nights in Springfield. On Friday I had another class on my embroidery machine. It is seriously a cool piece of machinery. When we get to Texas we are going to order some tshirts and hoodies to put the logo on them.
Had fun yesterday. We went to Lawrence and had lunch with Dave and Sherry at Free State Brewery. That place was so packed and so was the entire downtown. After lunch Denny dropped me off at Allen Field house where I met up with Judy for KU vs San Diego State. We lost but it is always fun to go to a KU game. Then we met up with Denny at Judy’s house and went over maps for a bicycle trip we have planned in November.
We plan on heading to Texas on Wednesday and will be great to be in some warm weather. Right now it’s in the 60’s.
That’s it for now.


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