Happy Anniversary to Denny and I

31 Dec

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16 years. Wow, plus we were together 2 years before that. What a great life we have had. My life could have been rather bleak had I stayed with the first 2 husbands. One is living as an alcoholic in squalor and the other one is living with his Mom in an old farmhouse. Yikes.
Just received a dozen roses which are beautiful. Denny will be here tomorrow night. Yea!! We will head out on Thursday for Springfield MO. We’ll spend 2 nights there. Going to get some more instruction on my embroidery machine. Tomorrow, I will actually get to see our new logo embroidered. Denny can’t wait to see it on a hoodie!
Today I will be sorting through the rubble I have made in the bedroom. It’s full of tubs, sewing machines, material, a card table, boxes and clothes strewn about. Computers, nooks, ipads, phones plugged into the wall. Think I will probably need another tub.
Bought something very cool. Those who still iron would love it. It’s a Panasonic cordless iron. Now that we iron table cloths for the clubhouse it will be much easier without messing with the cord. Today I will use up my credits at the quilt store. Going to stock up on thread. It can get rather expensive, $9 for a spool with between 500 and 800 yards on it. I always use cotton which is a little more too.
Looking forward to being in Topeka for a few days. Going to see friends, go to the lake house and make sure everything is okay, go to the foot doctor and see what the hell is going on now since I have all this pain on the top of my feet now, and see a scary movie with Billie.
It has been an interesting visit here in Holiday Island, AR. Still can’t believe how my Mom has bounced back. We are now walking to and from the dining room. She says she has no pain in her pelvis or leg so that makes it easier to get around. Next step for her is to actually eat in the dining room. I’ve been here through 4 holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. It’s been fun getting to know Judy’s kids and grandkids better. Usually at family reunions they are running all around and you really don’t get to sit down and visit. Have also had some quality time with both of my sisters which has been great too. It’s not like we weren’t close but we just didn’t communicate a whole lot.
We’ve had an awful thing happen. Our mail hasn’t been forwarding. It’s all lost, a months worth somewhere. It hasn’t been returned, we haven’t received any Christmas cards or bills which Denny has been calling about. Where does lost mail go??? We are going to change up how we are going to get it to us.
I have FINALLY sewn my last micro bowl holder I hope for several weeks. I had 6 more to make after Christmas. I can now begin a small quilt that I have had the material for months. My friend Cindy bought the pattern and material in May. I wish I would have kept count of how many holders I have made but I know over 200. I made 72 since I’ve been here.
Time to go visit Mom. Today the long term insurance people come assess her. She was wondering if she had to act feeble while they were assessing. We think they will see that she needs care.

2 Responses to “Happy Anniversary to Denny and I”

  1. Becky 12/31/2013 at 2:32 pm #

    Happy Anniversary to you!! I am so happy you both found each other and made a life together. You’ve been very good for each other. Love ya guys!

  2. Linda 01/01/2014 at 3:23 pm #

    Congratulations to both of you! You indeed have had a wonderful and exciting life together. Best wishes on many more.

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