December 27, 2013

27 Dec

I love this photo of Jonathon and Meeko. Jonathon petted him for at least 30 minutes and Meeko loved every minute of it. It was very calming for the both of them.

I am still here in Holiday Island Arkansas. I’ve never been at such a big Christmas gathering!! Judy has 2 children who each have 3 kids plus Juli’s 2 kids plus the parents plus my brother John and Marvin’s friend Virginia. It was quite a day. Marvin cooked a turkey dinner. There were kids running all over, up and down the stairs. It was crazy. I did hear a new name for great aunts and uncles- Graunts and Gruncles. I like that.
Yesterday the living room was totally cluttered with paper, suitcases, clothes, people, etc. After a day of visiting, John, Leslie, Judy and I were sitting at the kitchen table last night and we heard this high pitched scream. We all looked at each other wondering which kid it was!! Turns out it was a plastic reindeer stuck in the electric chair rail they have to go up and down the stairs. Unfortunately the reindeer has been decapitated and amputated but Marvin still had to call a service tech in who will come next week.
The kids have all been playing pretty well together with occasional tears and pouts. I’ve actually not pouted too much either except for when I kept trying to weave on the rubber band loom and there would always be a child butt in an take over so I never did get to finish a bracelet!!! There’s many coughs and runny noses so I’m not sure who will come down with some disease first. Right now we have 7 kids here ages 13-4. I’m discussing this because I’ve never been around this many kids at once. Thanks goodness Judy has a big 2 story house. When one of the kids does something that drives me crazy, I tell them my cold sore is named after them. They think that is funny. I’m hoping my lips don’t rot off before the new year. I’m on my 2nd cold sore in 2 weeks.
I’m getting ready to go see Mom and run a few errands then I have to come back and do some sewing. Had some RV park business to take care of. Denny is having fun back in Texas. He called at 11 and was already having margaritas with Carl and Konnie!!
That’s it for now.

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