A Good day for Mom

27 Dec

There is a little ski place by Kansas City that Elliot’s babysitter’s boyfriend runs. On Thursday she took all the kids there to ski and snowboard. This Kyler doing a good job for his first time. Kyler is one of those kids that can do anything athletic well and hopefully one day he’ll find one that he really, really likes.
I went to see Mom this afternoon. She actually wanted to go for a walk outside of her room. I put the belt on her and off we went. I almost cried because it felt like such a big moment. There were people in the great room and the applauded when they saw her. Tomorrow we are going to practice walking to the dining room tables which is just a little bit farther. I hope this will be a step in the right direction for her to get out and about a little more. She is still using a walker and needs someone with her but maybe one day she can do it on her own.
Waiting for the little ones to go to sleep so Judy and I can play spite and malice with Cooper and John Paul. They thought they were going to whoop us but I think we can win the whole thing. It’s a great card game.
Judy has been a busy grandma today taking the kids to the park and a few of them to see Christmas lights.
I’m trying to get a few sewing projects done and actually tried to use my new used embroidery machine but I will have to do a lot of studying before I can tackle it.
Oops, here’s Judy so off to the card table.


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