Merry Christmas 2013

24 Dec

Love the blooming Christmas cactus at my sister’s house.
Spending the day fairly relaxed after a hectic last few days. Denny came in on Friday night from Texas. It was wonderful to see him and the puppies. Our plans were to head to Kansas on Saturday, see Billie in the Nutcracker and do Christmas on Sunday and then come back on Monday. Unfortunately, it iced and snowed in Topeka on Saturday so we decided not to go. But….on Sunday morning we got a phone call from the sister of our dear friend Matt telling us that he had been admitted to the hospital in serious condition from issues relating to his cancer. We decided to take our chances and head to Topeka so we could see him. We arrived at the hospital about 6 pm and he was in so much pain it was very hard to see him that way. He has been battling a form of lung cancer that he got at age 29. Since he was stage 4 at the time, he immediately entered a cancer program in Maryland and had many different drugs and surgeries used on him. Now 5 years later they can’t do anything else for him and he is home. It’s a very invasive cancer but thankfully when we went to see him Monday morning, they finally had his pain under control and we were able to have a great visit with him. He’s a very special young man to us and we are heartbroken to know that his time is limited.
As I write this at the end of another year, it has probably been one of our saddest but also exciting years we have every had. In January, we were still very worried about my Mom and her health issues but also spent 2 weeks in Hawaii in Molokai and a cruise as assistants thanks to our friends Dick and Judy. In February we decided we were buying an rv park called Circle the Wagons in La Veta, in March we began our relocating to La Veta, in April Denny was working on getting the park opened and I was packing up our home at Lake Wabaunsee, in May Dave and Sherry, Kent and Kathy, Don and Mitzi, and Linda all chipped in and helped with painting and cleaning up the park as it opened on May 1. While they were doing that I was having foot surgery and still getting the house cleaned up and learning the bookkeeping part of the business, in June I moved permanently to La Veta by driving in the VW with my friend Judy. Judy was a great help getting our business plan in order. Also in June my sister Judy and her husband spent 2 weeks helping us unpack boxes and helping with the park. We also dealt with a major forest fire and helping deliver ice to the fire fighters. July was our best month and we were full most of the time. Our friend Mary also came then and lived with us for over 2 months and was a great assistant to us and also kept us fed. We also had Linda, Marilyn and Doris around for awhile to add to the fun. August was also a great month business wise and we were very happy with our decision to buy the park. Our friends Lawrence and Cinda spent a week with us and painted our game room and the outside of one of our buildings. Gayle also joined us for a couple of weeks and helped us also. September was filled with sadness as our niece Juli’s battle with bile duct cancer was coming to an end and there were 2 trips to Florida spending some time with Juli and then back for her funeral. October was our last month to be open and Denny did most of that work because I had a trip to Paris with my friend Margie and then had to leave for Arkansas on October 28 because my Mom had a heart attack and I have been here ever since. November was filled with ups and downs with my Mom which included a broken pelvis, internal bleeding and the need for 4 pints of blood. This December she is doing pretty well and Denny and I will spend Christmas eve with her. Who knew!!!
It’s nice to be here for Christmas because Juli’s kids are here and I can spend time with John and Marjay and their families too. Denny is leaving on Christmas day for Texas. He will return to pick me up on January 5.
Hoping for a more settled feeling in 2014 but one never knows. Our kids seem to be doing fine. Billie’s kids are now 10, 8 and almost 4 and their household is always busy. KC continues to work with a concrete company.
We feel very blessed to have the family and friends we do and have felt very loved this year. We are anxious for another season in La Veta.
I am happy to be insured next year which would not have happened if pre-existing conditions were still in place.
Denny has been a wonderful and supporting husband during the trying times this year and I love him dearly. We are so lucky to have each other.
Merry Christmas everyone. Love J, Jay, Jbird, and Bird


2 Responses to “Merry Christmas 2013”

  1. Sandy 12/26/2013 at 6:01 pm #

    Merry Christmas to you and Denny from me & John!

  2. Mitzi Keairns 12/29/2013 at 7:07 pm #

    Happy New Year!!! I hope that it is a good one for you! Got back from Cabo at 1 am so I haven’ t accomplished much today. Not so glad to be back. We had to drive in a big snow storm and it is very cold here today. BOO! Cabo was delightful. I would go back today if I could! Still hoping to win the lottery.and take off! I will call you tomorrow or the next day.

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