Friday, December 13, oh I just realized it’s Friday the 13th

13 Dec

Tidbits: I have had 15,426 views since a year ago September on my blog. I have a daily readership of around 20. When I post on facebook that I have posted something I can have as many as 100 views in a day.
It’s dreary, cold and doing freezing rain today, but…I don’t believe we’ll be stuck for any length of time.
It has felt good to get out and about 2 days this week. For 2 days I thought I was coming down with the flu but it turns out I was car sick. I have been driving until this week and then Judy’s been driving and there is nothing but curves around here. Now I take a Bonine before we head out.
Any of you needing to sign up for insurance? It has been quite the challenge. I’ve been trying to get signed up through Coventry byway of the exchange. #1 I didn’t even know I was going to through the Exchange. #2 What the hell is the Exchange?? Anyway, I had filled out paperwork, faxed it in and have been waiting for some type of notification. No emails came, so I called them on Wednesday. I was actually right in the middle of the getting some answers and we were disconnected. Now let’s go back a few steps. Remember I’ve been off of antidepressants for awhile trying to get another one approved. I had already made phone calls to doctor and pharmacy in tears and apparently there is a no go on the Cymbalta and seeing if it would help my feet issues which also is already making me sad. Soooo, then I go to the printer to have some things printed out and it is out of ink. This also brings on tears. So by the time I become disconnected with the insurance company, I am TOAST. I made the decision then to go back on my original anti depressant and get back with the program. My depression comes in the form of waking up in tears and being anxiety ridded before I have even out of bed. That has been happening for the last week so I knew I was getting in trouble, but, and only those who have this problem know what I’m talking about, I still think “wouldn’t it be nice if I could just stay off of them”. I’m thinking I’m handling all this chaos around me, I’m feeling strong, I’m able to deal with tense situations, no problem. No…Houston there is a problem and once again I have that semi-defeated feeling of needing that pill everyday to let me be glad to wake up in the morning and be a functional person with rational thoughts. But you know what, thank God there is a pill that I can take because there was a time when there wasn’t a pill.
Mom is hanging in there. She totally loves her little new place. I am still cautious with my optimism of what is actually going on with her. She does look pale, she’s down to 106, but she is eating and doing Christmas cards. She still won’t leave the room and go to the dining room but she does have interactions with the staff and home health and us. Her room is like an oven and Judy and I almost pass out when we are in there too long. I think we are going to take a little fan so we can turn it on when we are visiting. That is new for us because Mom has always been hot so she does have some changes going on in her little body.
Jolene went home yesterday. I told her I wouldn’t make THE CALL until the crematorium door is opening. I know that sounds crass, but my Mom has come back from so much that would be the only way we would know for sure that she is done!! I am here until after the first of the year. Hopefully we’ll get her Christmas tree up and things done before Lacey, Jonathon and Doug get here next Friday. I have been painting Christmas ornaments still and may have another order today for some more. Mailed off 13 micro bowl holders yesterday. Did a little Christmas shopping with Judy yesterday in Springfield.
Now I am in the process of working with someone who is designing a really professional looking logo so that I can begin embroidering them on items on the machine we bought a couple of weeks ago. It looks a little intimidating but thankfully there is a lady at the quilt shop who will help me. Denny is anxiously awaiting a hoody with a Circle the Wagons logo on it.
Did I tell you that the lady who owns the quilt shop in Springfield has already made a reservation at Circle for next summer!! And the lady from the quilt shop here is going to come to the UFO quilt retreat I am having next September!! How fun is all of that.
Time to get with the program of the day of which I have no idea what it is. I know we are getting ready to play Spite and Malice. We are still in the routine of playing a couple of times a day. I think I am the winner so far of the most games.


One Response to “Friday, December 13, oh I just realized it’s Friday the 13th”

  1. duartlingo 12/16/2013 at 7:27 pm #

    Don’t stop the ‘happy pills’. Every time I did it, it took weeks to get back to the center. It may make me a bit flat at times, but at least I’ m not crying when the dog barks or the phone rings. It is definitely a double edge sword, but has two levels of sharpness. The dull side is a lot safer, believe me.

    Take care and keep enjoying your Mother’s smiles.
    XX/OO D.

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