What I’ve done being snowed in now for 5 days

9 Dec

You can hum the “12 days of Christmas” while you read this.

icy road
This is what has caused all the trouble. Judy lives on a hill and a curve and we are on a side road so we have been stuck. We’ve heard horror stories of people attempting to get out and sliding back down some of the steep hills. That sounds terrifying to me. Also, the workers at the assisted living have been unable to go home all this time and last night someone broke into their unlocked cars and stole Ipods and money. Who would do that!!!! Before you say “why did they leave their car unlocked”, the locks are freezing up.

micro bowls
I sewed 10 microwaveable bowls for an order of 13 of which I already had 2 done but I still miscounted and I was still 1 bowl short which I still have to make.

I came down with a case of hives from who knows what. Maybe using soybean oil in a cake mix??? Who knew that Crisco vegetable oil was pure soybean oil?? They are all over my body. I’ve been living on benedryl for 3 days now and I hate how it makes me feel but I hate itching more.

I’ve started painting Christmas ornaments with pets on them using minimal amount of paints.

Jolene, Marvin and I take breaks and play Spite and Malice. We get in about 3 rounds a day. Marvin is busy puttering around, feeding the birds, trying to get a car to start, cooking and dealing with having 2 sister-in-laws in the house with him. Jolene has been puttering around cleaning cabinets, hemming a bed skirt, doing dishes, etc. Everything stops in this part of the country, no mail and no newspapapers. We are expecting 2 more inches of snow this afternoon. We just heard from sister Judy and she is getting a ride from the assisted living after being there since Wednesday night. We made need to deprogram her. 🙂 Mom is doing okay I guess. She won’t leave her room which I wish she would but she seems comfy in her new surroundings.
I’ve also handled all this situation without anti-depressants which I have not been off of since 1995. I am still going to try Cymbalta for my feet but if it doesn’t work I think I’ll try to be off of the anti-depressants for awhile. Maybe I’ll drop the 25 pounds I put on when I started them. That would make me happy.
Denny has been very cold in Texas and we are missing each other bunches. May see him sometime next week.
Jolene has changed her plane ticket 3 times since last Tuesday and changed it again today to try and leave Thursday. Southwest is so good about not charging for changing flights.

Love this photo of Elliott. We think she looks happier being a hockey player than a ballerina. She is no longer taking ballet and is getting a pair of ice skates for Christmas.
hockey elliott

That’s it for now.


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