Let’s recap

5 Dec

October 27-Mom was found in her apartment laying on the floor after an apparent heart attack. She had been there for at least 18 hours.
After going by ambulance to the hospital it was determined she had a major heart attack.
November 15-It was determined that she would go to a nursing home for further rehab even though I wasn’t to pleased with the nursing home..
November 22-After a visit to her doctor to get her released to go to assisted living it was discovered that she was extremely anemic and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. She was given 4 pints of blood and she was out of her head for a few days. We actually thought she wouldn’t survive the day.
November 23-She was complaining about pain around her hips and was unable to use the walker. They took to Xray and discovered broken pelvis. (We have confronted the nursing home with records but as of now no one knows what happened and the case is closed because Mom doesn’t remember falling.)
November 28-She begins bleeding internally and has a UTI and is out of her head again.
December 3-afternoon-I went to visit her and her blood pressure was 88-52. They were about to hook her up to IV’s. They have been taking blood from her 4 times a day. Her little arms are covered with cotton balls and bruises. I ask her if she wants to be put back on IV’s. She says no, she is ready to go. It has seemed that every time that they have treated her for something, another situation arises. We call the sisters to the hospital and meet with the doctor and make the decision for Mom to go to Green Acres the next day. (Regarding the doctor, he was SOOOOOO HANDSOME AND SWEET. IT BROUGHT BACK MEMORIES OF WHEN I USED TO KISS THE TV WHEN DR. KILDARE WAS ON!!!)
December 4-What I thought was going to be a productive day for me since it wasn’t necessary for all of us to be at the hospital for the move, became very hectic. My sister Jolene wasn’t feeling well and her blood pressure was high. I had also spent the morning trying to get the Cymbalta refilled which kept being denied by insurance. Off we went to the hospital where I dropped Jolene off at Emergency, went down the other hall to see Mom, back to Jolene, back to Mom and then in the car to drive another 30 miles to Harrison to go to Walgreens where I paid $44 for 5 Cynmbalta to tide me over until the insurance approves the scrip. What a f@#$%^ rip off. Drug companies suck!!! Back in the car to pick up Jolene from the ER and then over to Green Acres to see Mom. She loves the new place and is happy to have her things all around her.
December 5-We are iced in at Judy’s house. Judy is staying with Mom until storm passes. If you saw the hills around here you would understand why we are iced in. You couldn’t pay me to drive today.
Soooooooo…not quite sure what the next step is. Jolene is leaving Tuesday, maybe. Luckily Southwest doesn’t charge you for changing flights. We’ll see how Mom does the next week or so. She does not want to go back to the hospital and will eventually go into in Hospice if needed.
Today and tomorrow I will be sewing like a maniac. Many orders to fill.
Denny is cold in Texas for a few days.
Stay warm everyone.


One Response to “Let’s recap”

  1. Emily 12/05/2013 at 12:40 pm #

    I am so glad your Mom is better and that she likes Green Acres. That is a huge part of the healing process! It is very cold and ice on the trees here. Stay hunkered down and enjoy the day sewing.

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