December 3, 2013

3 Dec

Is it really December 3 and Christmas is barely in my thoughts. I do love how Eureka Springs area decorates and I always feel happy when I see colored lights. My favorite thing to do with a Christmas tree is to sit in the dark and just stare at the lights.
Mom survived her latest scare of internal bleeding that began on Thanksgiving. It has apparently stopped and now she is having low blood pressure and much more pain in her chest. She is doing some rehab while in hospital. Regarding the pain in her chest, we don’t know what that is. One doctor says it’s arthritis in the chest and the other says there is no such thing. We think she pulled some muscles doing some rehab but we’ll never know. When you are DNR, they don’t do any testing or xrays other than what you were admitted for. She is still low on blood and does not want any transfusions. Once again she is ready to go on and be done with it all. We do have the new place at assisted living ready for her when she gets to move. Will she actually make it there, I don’t know. I do know that I am done writing her off. I have had her passing away 3 times since I’ve been here. Her little body is quite bionic and seems to repair whatever goes wrong.
Denny just left this morning to head back to Texas. He had a busy week helping with packing and moving and running errands. He can’t believe how many miles he drove just around here. It’s nothing to put 100 miles on the car in a day with visits to the hospital.
I did finish what I could do regarding the nursing home. Talked with the director yesterday and she had interviewed everyone. Some comments that my Mom heard were revealed but no one recorded a fall. My mom doesn’t recall, so basically the case is over. We did talk about even though someone doesn’t have their hearing aids in doesn’t mean that can’t hear and that daily bruise checks would be a good idea.
Denny and I had a really good weekend in Springfield. Movie reviews: Gravity: Really good as far as really feeling what it must be to be floating in space but it got a little hokey toward the end. Good movie despite that. Dallas Buyers Club: Excellent movie. Matthew should win Oscar. I liked that the gay community was not stereotypical in the movie and the pain and anguish over AIDS was portrayed. You get a good vision of what it is like to deal with the FDA. Everyone should see it to be reminded that AIDS is still around. It still kills and there is a new strain of it coming about.
Today I’m trying to get some projects done. I have one ornament to paint and many bowl holders to sew. Will go see Mom this afternoon. Sister Jolene will leave tomorrow.
Have been on Cymbalta for 2 weeks now with no luck regarding feet. I can also use it as my anti depressant and it seems to be doing okay regarding that. We are going to increase dosage for 1 month and if no relief, I’ll just use it as anti-depressant. I wish one could take prednisone forever since that really took the pain away. Oh well.
Expecting some of the cold front later this week and we will seriously have to be ready for it. We are surrounded by hills and when there is ice you are stranded at home. I think Judy is going to just stay at hospital if it hits.
That’s it for now.


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