Nice moments

25 Nov

My blog has been fairly gloomy, doomy that last few posts so I thought I’d share some cheerier moments.
Mom is finally getting some sleep with some help of some meds. Thank goodness, she hasn’t slept for weeks. Tonight is my night to be with her. She is glad someone is with her at night because she has some scary dreams and when she wakes up she likes to feel someone holding her hand.
On Saturday, I really thought it was Mom’s last day. Her eyes were glazed, she was confused but she did know who I was. I leaned in to ask her if she knew who I was and she looked at me and said “You’re my little Jbird”.. tears, tears. She had to receive 4 pints of blood and they said it could make her a little loopy. Once conversation really made me think she was fading away. She was telling me she was going around a corner. I was doing the hospice thing and soothingly said “Go around the corner Mom, it’s okay.” Then she said “I don’t know anyone there!” and she was scared. So I said “come back around the corner, I’m here”. Later that night Billie was staying with her. Mom was restless and talking out of her head. She asked Billie to hold her hand and go up the stairs with her. Billie thought it was a hospice moment and said “let’s go up the stairs Grandma, it’s okay.” Well turns out once they got up the stairs there was a big black hole and that scared Mom. Eventually Billie had to physically move her bed so Mom would think that the black hole was covered. The photo is of Billie letting Mom know she was right there. As the night went on, Billie ended up calling me about 2 and Denny brought me to the hospital. We moved the extra bed next to Mom. Soon Billie and I were spooning in the same bed and dozed off. All of a sudden I heard something and I looked up and it was Mom trying to get out of bed. I jumped over the bed rails and Billie to stop her. Whew! That was scary. She has also had many dreams about being in the woods with Greg, (we’re not sure who he is), she has had a marijuana party at Peachtree Assisted living, she has been on picnics and she has seen many relatives who have passed on. Sometimes it’s hysterical when she is relaying her dreams. Many of our conversations are a little crazy and we just go along with what she is talking about.
We are still very upset about what may have happened at the nursing home but can’t go over there until they let us have her xrays from here at the hospital and right now they say we have to wait until she is released. I’m trying to reign in my anger.
We are now seriously in the moving mode and still plan that Mom is going to Green Acres Assisted Living. Denny will be busy tomorrow moving boxes and small pieces of furniture. I hope to have a day off. My mind is very befuddled and I keep saying weird things and actually sounding like Mom, sooooooo, I think I should spend a few hours sewing or something.
Meeko and Jumper are enjoying Judy’s house. They are getting groomed and bathed tomorrow which will be nice. Jumper is sooooo furry.
That’s it for now. Battery about dead and I am drowsy. Mom is snoring so I may be able to get some sleep.


2 Responses to “Nice moments”

  1. Sandy 11/26/2013 at 10:16 am #

    Thinking of you, J, and am glad to read your mom is doing better, in the sense of being more comfortable and rested. Thank you for posting these experiences. I appreciate (can’t say I enjoy) what sometimes feels like a look ahead at my own life down the road and not too far away… Glad Denny is there with you now too. Tell him he missed an uncharacteristic FOUR days of overcast and abt 20 inches of snow!

  2. Dulany Lingo 11/27/2013 at 11:18 am #

    Phew, at least you have had a few laughs. Love the picture. Im going to Jude and Ernest’s tomorrow. Lots of good food and football.

    LOVE to you all and HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!!!! XX/OO

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