Sadness again

21 Nov

Today was a full day. We had a doctor’s appointment this morning to have Mom checked out before we move her to Green Acres. It was rather traumatic.
Yesterday the nursing home set my Mom out in the hallway thinking I was going to be picking her up to go to the doctor. I don’t know how long they made her sit there, but finally they figured it out. My Mom knew that the appointment wasn’t until today. Soooo……last night I double checked that they would be bringing her to the doctor. 8:15 came and went and we called the nursing to once again find out that they thought I was picking her up, yada yada,. She finally got her to the doctor’s about 9. She was in so much pain, (sciatica in the hip maybe), exhausted, confused. The doctor thought she looked pale and a little yellow. Did blood work and gave her a cortisone shot in her back. Let’s hope she feels a little better tomorrow. She has gone so backwards the last few days that I’m not sure she will go forward again. After all of that I got to work on getting hospital beds and a wheel chair delivered to the new place. I bought special sheets, a lambs wool pad for under the sheets. I hope this helps the bed feel more comfortable. Went to the Home Health place to get her set up for in home rehab. Washed the new sheets and made her bed up and moved a few things from her apartment. What made me feel sad is that with the snafus that have happened with Mom at the nursing home, again I begin thinking about those poor souls who have no one. How long would someone else waited for someone to take them to the doctor. How long do patients wait for help when they push their buzzer. Just how impatient is the help with the patients at night like my Mom says they are. This particular nursing home has some employees working 16 hour shifts. How tired are they during the middle of the night when my Mom needs to go the bathroom. I did talk to the director at Peach Tree and was able to voice some concerns regarding checking on their people even if they are independent. Hopefully no one will ever lay on the floor for 18 hours again there. It’s chilly, rainy, foggy, dreary so I’m sure that plays into the sadness. I hate to have to move Mom again but we truly feel she will feel much more comfortable and should get the needed attention that will be required. Move should happen around 10 am. Judy and Marvin should be home around 3 and Denny should be here around 6.
Making another pumpkin cake for some comfort food.


One Response to “Sadness again”

  1. jacque 11/22/2013 at 1:41 pm #

    God bless you Jay!

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