Tidbit Day

20 Nov

Home for the evening. Actually a quiet day. Had some errands this morning and was feeling achy so I took some Tylenol and took a nap all afternoon.
Just back from seeing Mom. I asked the employees to please not keep Mom in the recliner so much, so.. when I go visit Mom tonight she tells me how they are keeping her busier and they make her do an “Ac-tiv-iteee” in the afternoon. When I walked in tonight, one of the aids said “I just put her in the recliner.” When I walked into Mom’s room she said “I just got into the recliner!!!!” Kudos for the nursing home listening to me.
Tomorrow is doctor appointment and determinations if Mom can move this weekend.
Started taking new anti depressant called Cymballta today. Thought I would read side effects. The one that caught my eye was “Abnormal Orgasm”… I’ll keep you posted if it happens. I do hope that this med helps with the feet issues which is why I am doing it. Yesterday I made many trips to my Mom’s apartment taking boxes to her room and by the time I had packed up some boxes the icky pain was all back. I felt defeeted but Denny says we are going to win the feet battle. Got a tip today from Gayle’s sister to try Strutz. We’ll see.
I drink Throw Back Pepsi. I keep finding the shelves empty when I go to the little store here to purchase some. I was in the little quilt store the other day and found out that the lady that works there buys all the Throwback when it comes in!!! Told her to leave me 1 12 pack. Love the quilt shop here.
So happy that Denny is coming Friday and will be here Friday night. Can’t wait to see him and puppies.
Have purchased a draft table, a sewing table and art display racks from an artist who is a friend of my sister. She has had to move to an assisted living place so is unable to use them anymore. She also let me have art books, quilt books, brushes and paints. She is 85 now and was a very good interior designer for her career. She took her first art lesson at 65 when she moved to Holiday Island. I love it when people aren’t afraid to try new things late in life. Anyway she is a fabulous artist and we’ve had some good conversations about some of the different techniques she has used.
Anxious to see the movie “Dallas Buyers Club”. ‘
Got lost driving somewhere today and ended up way on the hills around Eureka Springs. This is really quite the area. Little, quaint homes scattered all over. Eureka Springs only has 1500 people. It still seems very busy in town even during this time of the year. They have the horse drawn wagons all lit up with Christmas colors and they look so pretty going down the street at night. I think Denny and I need to do that while he is here.
Some excellent restaurants.
Love packing my mom’s curio cabinet. She has some of the most beautiful little items.
Have talked to many friends this weeks and I am so lucky to have such wonderful and caring people in my life.


2 Responses to “Tidbit Day”

  1. Kathy 11/20/2013 at 8:16 pm #

    Hi Bird – I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how you and your Mom were doing. Glad you are making some progress and glad the staff is listening to you and keeping your Mom somewhat busy. Thanks for the chuckle on the “side effects”!! All the best with the move this weekend. Hi to Denny!!

  2. Ron nocktonick 11/21/2013 at 3:14 pm #

    J if you and Denny, like prime rib y’all should try Gaskins! You do have to make reservations tho. It’s just the best!! BTW it in Eureka Springs

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