Body Snatchers

18 Nov

Here’s the latest. Mom is going backwards. When we talked to the new place where we are going to move Mom, the suggested that we get Mom out of the nursing home as soon as we can. She’s says what they see is the longer they are in the nursing home for rehab, the more comfortable they get with their surroundings and they don’t want to leave. We do not want Mom to stay where she is. They are leaving her in a recliner for hours at a time and now she is beginning to stiffen up. I walked in this morning and she was totally disoriented after waking up from nap and it was only 10:30 am. I did go get the nurse and she answered the right questions, but…she didn’t know what the walker was. That was a little concerning. Sooo…new plan. Move her this weekend. Get doctor’s permission, get hospital bed set up in her new room. I feel like I have to move fast because Judy and Marvin are leaving for a few days. I feel like that movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and if I don’t get my Mom moved soon, she’ll be sucked into the nursing home. Wish us LUCK AND SEND PRAYERS THAT THIS ALL HAPPENS THIS WEEK.. I know you must think I am soooo melodramatic but it really feels like decisions have to be made right now. We did watch Dancing with the Stars with her tonight but she wasn’t very animated. That’s it for now.


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