A brighter picture

17 Nov

I want to tell you an update on Mom. She is calm. She is exercising. She is coping with drinking everything thickened. She is finally getting some rest at night. She is reading magazines. She is going to the dining room and eating 3 meals a day. I am SO proud and impressed with this truly remarkable woman. I feel bad about the description that I wrote about the other night while spending the night with her. But…that was what was happening at the time. Judy and I have had the most wonderful visits with her in the evening. That is the best time to see her. During the day she likes to take naps and has rehab, ot, speech, meals, etc. At night she is in bed and relaxed. (She is on the lowest dose of Xanax and is doing well on that. Maybe a little of withdrawal issues earlier. Will never know).
Anyway, last night we get there about 7:30. She says “Look what I have been practicing” She is pushing herself up out of a recliner and grabbing on to her walker. She walks to the restroom, gets ready for bed and walks to the bed. Her breathing never got out of control, but she does need to sit and rest before she actually lies down. Once she’s all settled, we can visit. She tells us about her day. Her inspiration is seeing a patient that is wheeled into the dining room for dinner and is hand fed. She thinks if she doesn’t do her rehab and keep working that could be her. My mom loves to tell funny story. She said her table mate was telling her about Bingo that day. The lady told her that 2 other patients wanted her 2 cards and that she was trying to hold on to them. Mom said “I am not going to play Bingo!
When you tell Mom something funny she laughs loud and squints her eyes and is so cute when she does that. She loves to hear about her new place she will move to and is very thankful we are there to help her. So….who would have known that this would be our scenario 3 weeks after we got the dire phone call that “you need to get here, she may not make it through the night”.
Today is a rest day. Getting reorganized day for me. My clothes have been scattered all over the bedroom. I have moved to the basement and can be out of Judy and Marvin’s hair all the time.
Today is my daughter Billie’s birthday. 37. Now, if you want to hear a story sometime about my delivery story with her….Just a hint. I was already 2 weeks late. I had Braxton Hicks contractions and they wanted to send me home. I lived in El Dorado, KS and the hospital was in Wichita. It was 40 min drive. There were railroad tracks that long trains came through and for some reason I kept saying, “I can’t go home because of the railroad tracks”. Eventually they gave me something to help me sleep and put me in a storage room and forgot about me. I did get found and 2 days later I had my Billie Jay. Her Dad’s name is Bill hence the name. Happy Birthday Billie!!!!!!


One Response to “A brighter picture”

  1. Linda 11/18/2013 at 6:20 pm #

    Sounds like your mom has made great progress. Judy brought the hot bowl pads to me. Where do I send your check? Wish we could have seen each other. Miss you. Take good care of yourself.

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