Saturday, Nov 16 which unfortunately I thought was going to be Nov 9

16 Nov

You know those touching commercials advertising Aricept or other meds to help the aging parents, the daughter is lovingly brushing her mother’s hair, the grandchildren are gathered around in the backyard, etc?? I want that scenario right now. What isn’t shown on those brochures and commercials is the background. First, the move out of the house after a spouse passes away. Then the decision of what type of place to move in. Then the decision they make that they aren’t ready to move. Then the decision they are ready to move. Then the gathering of kids to do the packing and the moving and the divvying. Then life calms down and things feel normal and you can have the commercial moments. But……the mother declines, has a fall, another fall, and a heart attack. There’s no time for brushing the hair. It becomes all about decisions again. “I want to go back to apartment, I don’t want to go back to apartment, I wish I had just passed, I’m too tired for physical therapy, I will go to the nursing home and try to get stronger.” Now…..beginning today…the last move begins, I think. Judy and I are going to just try and stay focused today. Get lined out what all has to be done by Thanksgiving, which by the way is just a week and half away, not 2 1/2 a weeks away like I thought until last night as I was visiting Mom and looked at her calendar and realized it was actually Nov 15 and that Billies’ birthday is Nov 17 and I haven’t even given that a thought and that now that I realized all that I just want to stay in bed all day and listen to the wind blow and now you have a real look inside of my brain when I feel the manic coming on. Wish us luck. And thanks again for your loving support and emails and texts and calls.


2 Responses to “Saturday, Nov 16 which unfortunately I thought was going to be Nov 9”

  1. Sherry Kriegshauser 11/16/2013 at 10:54 am #

    Oh J my heart is breaking for you. I am sending you much love and tons of hugs. Hoping that knowing positive thoughts, prayers and lots of good MoJo are with you will some how brighten your day a bit.


  2. Sandy 11/17/2013 at 8:02 am #

    Hang in there J — thinking of you!

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