Change of plans

12 Nov

Last night I was beginning to write a post about how Mom is going to rehab tomorrow and then back to her apartment after a few weeks, etc….
Then my sister Judy came home after visiting Mom and said, “Mom says she is ready to go to Green Acres Living which is closer to where Judy is. She will still have a little apartment but will be checked on every 2 hours and she won’t have to walk as far the dining room. Being checked on every 2 hours is what I wanted for her so she’ll never lay on the floor for hours again. Her next step is the rehab where she will go tomorrow for a few weeks. Mainly she is just trying to get a little stronger with her up and down moves but she is doing exceptionally well with her recovery. She does get very winded at times but not constantly. She also is having a swallowing issue and they have a speech therapist that will try to figure out that problem so she can get off of pureed food eventually. We are all amazed. We are also happy that she made the decision to go to a smaller place on her own. She is very with it mentally so she is able to make her decisions. So the upcoming weeks will be working on her apartment and getting things over to the other place and packing up what she doesn’t need.
So…that made for a little more relaxed evening with all of us being able to be at Judy’s for the evening. We stopped spending the night with Mom on Sunday night. We watched Dancing with the Stars together and had fun doing that. It is a show that is funner to watch with someone rather than by yourself. Judy and Jolene didn’t know who Bill Engvall was and couldn’t believe why he had such a big fan base. I said “What?????????? You haven’t heard of Blue Collar Comedy, Larry the Cable Guy, Ron White and Jeff Foxworth!!!!!!!! So next thing we know I’m bringing up Bill online so they hear some of his comedy routines. One of them was about getting a colonscopy and how when he was waiting for his procedure, he kept hearing people farting really, really loud. Well, we were done listening and laughing hard, one of my sisters who shall remain nameless, gets up and accidently lets how this huge fart!!. OMG, we couldn’t quit laughing and that’s funny, I don’t care who ya’ are. (The time of these happenings was at 1:30 am so we were a little giddy)
I was up late and up early. Prednisone always gives me a lot of energy. I’m on day 4 now, so will take 3 pills tonight. Feet are hanging in there with me. Today we have to go and get Mom’s clothes packed up and go over to Green Acres and put deposit down. That is unless plans change again.
Tidbits: I think all veterans should have Veterans day off and everything should stay open. That way if Veterans have banking, government needs and would like to go to the Post office and mail things, they could!!!
While going through with Mom’s issues this last year, always makes me think how long do I really want to live?? It’s hard work to be 93 and stay upright.
I don’t know if anyone possibly has a better husband than I do. He has been on his own a lot the last 2 months and he never makes me feel bad for being away and totally understands the need for us to be with Mom and he is willing to do anything to help and take care of business at the other end too. Can you believe we will have been married from 1997-almost 2014? I’m still trying to figure how many years that is: According to my calculator that will be 17 years. December 31.
Finally got my sewing machine up and running last night.
Really like the TV show “The Blacklist”, loving the “The Good Wife” this season, missing watching “Sons of Anarchy”, missing “The Big Break”, loving “Scandal”. But….also glad I’m not watching as much tv as I normally do.
Judy has millions of bottles of nail polish. I am wearing dark purple right now, a little out of my comfort zone, but it looks pretty when the light shines on it.
Taking Flax Seed pill for dry eyes?? Not sure if it is helping my dry eyes but I like what it is doing with my tummy. Of course, Walgreens had it on sale for $9.99 a bottle of 100, and $11.99 for 2 bottles. I kept saying, you don’t know if you are going to take and it will join the bottles of vitamins in the cabinet that you don’t take, but…I didn’t listen to myself and am feeling very virtuous that I have taken one every day for 4 days. That leaves 196 to go, I think?
Okay, enough steroid writing.


One Response to “Change of plans”

  1. Margie Costello 11/12/2013 at 10:00 pm #

    Love, love, love your sister stories! Makes me wish I were there to experience it, see it and hear it (except for the farts, let me guess which one it was). You are a blessing to each other! Margie
    Keep up the steriod writing!

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