Could I be “schizo”

10 Nov

I called my BFFFFF Mary the other day and asked her that question. She has been a great sounding board through all of this and a great help because she had parents with heart issues. Anyway, one minute I’ll be crying, then the next time I’ll be hysterical over something funny, the next time I’ll be hysterical over something sad, then the next time I’m like….okay. She told me at the beginning of getting down here that everyday will be like a roller coaster and she was right.
Today I woke up with this thought about my Mom that was “She is truly an amazing woman.” Two weeks ago we got the call to get here quickly because she might not make it through the night. At first she just didn’t want to go on and yesterday she was able to get out of bed with a walker, she walked all the way down to the nurses station and back, took a shower, and did her OT. She is 93 fricking years old for “havin sex!!!” (that means for heaven’s sake not the she is having sex. Inside joke) Tomorrow we meet with the doctor and as of now she will go to rehab in Eureka Springs for awhile then we’ll make decisions again.
I’m heading to the basement to set up my sewing station. I thought I would do that yesterday but instead I watched Will and Grace for hours, played computer games and made a pumpkin cake and started my steroid regimen of 6 pills. Today I take 5 pills. Have been walking better with only pain in my left foot because I realize I have been walking on the side of that foot.
My brother-in-law Marvin has a funny dry sense of humor. Lots of colloquial sayings. This morning Judy was getting after him about his wrinkled pants and he said “my butt is wrinkled and my face in wrinkled, what difference does it make??”
Off to the basement.


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